Sunday, October 6, 2013

Back to Quilting!

After a few months of hot weather, it has finally cooled down enough to quilt again. Let's hope this year I get the quilt done by December! I remember trying to get it done by our Retreat, and that failed! I do know Nancy Chong will be there again this year so the good news is, if I get it done this time she can see it finished. lol

I worked on this quilt again on Sunday. Will probably be working on it again today. 

Wednesday while we were eating and getting ready to go bowling, we received a call from my son, saying he was fine and was in a car accident. We had to drop everything and go get him. He was okay, with cuts and bruising but he could stand on his feet. Surprising considering the shape the car was in. We are VERY thankful he came out fine. In the meantime, he's using my car. Funny how you don't realize how much you depend on your car till you don't have it. 

The last couple days I've been working on the Hawaiian quilt at night. I'm getting quiet a bit done and happy with the results. 

Monday I was at this point. I quilted about 3 days this week and it's coming along nicely. 

I'm not worried about the stitches, there are way too many to worry about. I'm just enjoying the process. I'm not concerned that it's not a "traditional" Hawaiian quilting, because I love to quilt. So, my idea with this was that I would quilt it like we did in art class as a kid, and go around with both skinny and fat widths. It brings out the fun and it brings out an "ocean wave" of designs. 

Last night I was at this point. I'm really liking the results. I've even been thinking about the next quilt I'm going to design. It's so much fun to do these, and yes, it takes time, but the enjoyment over powers the time. 

I'm getting a little more excited as the time goes. I'm getting closer to finishing this quilt. As for the other quilt, I find I'm not happy with it. It's not my favorite quilt, and it's driving me nuts that it wasn't done well. But, hey, I'm working on it, and maybe the closer it gets the more I'll get excited and want to get it finished. 

In the mean time, I hope everyone is Happy I plan to be!

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