Thursday, September 25, 2014

Trip to Portland OR

Today we (six of us) went to Portland OR. We went to the Quilt Expo Show. We also took a class in Brazilian Embroidery. I had an awesome time!

Before heading to our class, we checked out the quilts. I really liked the way this one turned out. I'm sorry to say, I didn't get the names of the makers of these quilts, but I wanted to share what was out there.

This one I liked, because of the Celtic design.

This one was really pretty! I loved the applique work on this one! It's was well done.

I loved this quilt! The applique was so pretty! I wish I had gotten the makers name.

This quilt is a miniature! I could not believe how tiny these peaces were! You should have seen this one. I couldn't believe how small this was!

I was about half way done with the Brazilian Embroidery. I'll take a photo of it tomorrow. It's a small piece that I really enjoyed working on. I also went and bought a kit for another embroidery piece. It's a "fall" center piece. I really loved the colors.

I worked on my cross stitch yesterday instead of working on the quilt. I bowled BAD last night. Was able to use my finger okay, but not really happy with the way I was bowling. UGH!

Bought a few things at the show and spend some money! So, I guess you can say I'm Happy Quilting.

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