Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Another Day of Quilting...and Bowling

Today was a pretty good day. I actually had the day to myself and was able to do the laundry as well as get some quilting done.

Charlie spend most of the day with me. She gave us a scare last night when she had a hissing match with a huge Raccoon!  Patrick even went out at midnight to throw the resin chair at the raccoon! That at least split them up, but we didn't know how Charlie fared till this morning. Was thankful that she was fine.

This was the block I was working on from the back.

I counted 5 blocks quilted.

This is what two of them look like together. As you can tell I have them in three different parts of the quilt - mainly because mom was helping me with the quilting, so it's all over the place. I'm thinking in the future, I'm not going there again!

This is another area that was quilted. I'll get it back on track by tomorrow. lol

Three guesses who found my quilt!

Laundry is getting done, I'm getting more done, and it feels great to have time at home! I started a book called "Quilt As Desired" written by Arlene Sachitano, and it's pretty good so far. I have it autographed by the author. This is a series, so I'll probably be getting the other books as well.

Things are going down hill with our friends that have cancer. Chances are the next couple months we will be going to a few more funerals, this is not a good year.

Bowling is picking up, but my finger is not healing as fast as I would like. It is still sore at times. Not stopping me from quilting and bowling though, so can't complain too much.

May you be having a better year, and Happy Quilting!

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