Saturday, October 11, 2014

Busy Day

Today was pretty busy. Woke and played a few games, the go ready to head over and pick Phil up. From there we went to mom's to collect the desk, cabinets, and file cabinet. Phil and Patrick moved everything out to the trailer, and wouldn't you know it - the sun was shinning when we started, then it poured as everything was loaded and ready to go. So, some of the cabinets got wet. Mom was cleaning up her area. We brought her desk home with us, and will probably give it to someone that needs a desk.

The cabinets were loaded into my quilt room - which was a mess already! I did have the table looking good, but still had to move things around.

Had to wipe down the cabinets because of our wonderful rain.

There were 3 parts to the cabinets mom had. The ones she had was in an "L" shape. I don't have the room for the "L" shape, so we tried to see what other things we can do. One of the thoughts was doing them back to back. I like that idea, and I think it will work with the room I have. I can use the bigger area for work space. One of the tops, I found, has a "bubble" in it, and Patrick said that was because the person that made the top didn't do it right. Nothing we can fix.

This is the idea of what we will be doing. I won't have the drawers to put in yet, because mom is keeping them till her new cabinets come in. Patrick isn't going to do any work on these just yet, because the drawers need worked on, and the top needs to sit right. He will do the work to make it work for me. The part on the right, of the doors is where the other piece lined up. So, we will put a peg board there, so I can use the area and it won't look so bad. He's talking about putting peg board on the end of this cabinet and in the area that doesn't meet up. I'll show you when it happens.

We cleaned up the roll top desk and put it in the computer room. Now there are 2 desks in the garage for those that may need one. We even moved the table out in the garage as well. Now we have way too much furniture in the house! But at the same time, the cabinets will really make my quilt room look awesome and chances are I will work down there more often then I do now! I love what Patrick is wanting to do for me. I'm getting excited and looking forward to being Happy Quilting!

BE Meeting And Cross Stitching

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