Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Class and Bowling

A busy day! Spent all day at the applique workshop class. Mary Arnold taught the class. Check out her website. She's awesome and I did learn a couple "tricks of the trade" that I didn't know. So, all in all the class was worth it.

I have samples that I will try and list tomorrow. This block is the one I take with me while going to appointments. I've gotten more done then this. It's coming along great.

I liked the class today because we did all the different kinds of applique. She taught how to get points flatter. There were 5 of us in the class. It worked out great. The best part was we all picked up on the applique at the same speed, so the class went along quick and easy. We did the reverse applique, and taking fabric prints and appliqueing them on. I finished my apple. It turned out great.

Bowling was tonight as well, so I didn't make it with quilting on the quilt. I bowled a 202 and then turned around and got a 135! I couldn't believe it! Drives me nuts when I do that!

Tomorrow is a day of quiet and the meeting a friend for lunch. I'm PLANNING on being Happy Quilting!

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