Thursday, October 30, 2014

Had a Great Time

Yesterday when I posted I was so tired, I didn't really write about all the fun and what we did. So, I'm going to get caught up on the workshop/class.

Mary Arnold is a excellent teacher. She had 5 of us in her class, and she took all the time she needed to make sure we all understood and could do what she was teaching. Each step was checked, and each step was demo'd so we could see what she was talking about. Even though I'm left handed, she was great in teaching a way I could understand and work with. Plus it did help that I know applique.

The first thing we did was a flower doe with freezer paper. She explained three different ways one could do freezer paper. One was doing it on the top of the fabric. This one was done with ironing on the back of the fabric. She taught how to get the freezer paper out of the back - again, three different ways of doing that.

This one was "needle turn" applique - which I do. She does the finger pressing over needle turn. It works both was and is very easy to do. Some who have a hard time with needle turn would love her technique. I will probably do both the finger press and needle turn when I need to.

This one is the " --- perse" (can't remember how to say it, let alone the name. I could look in my folder, but one gets the idea. This is where one takes the fabric (with a big print) and cut it so one can applique it to a background. This was a fabric that had apples on it. I cut seam allowance around the apple and appliqued it to the fabric. It turned out awesome, and I believe I was the only one that got this one done.

Then we learned the "perfect circles." As you can see there is a template at the bottom, of a circle. We used those to make a circle. I need to work more on this. Mine still have the points at times, so I need to baste it a little smaller.

The last step we did was learning reverse applique. The yellow center was the reverse applique. Then we were told to add the stem that we did earlier in the lessons. She showed how to make the bias tape stems. We learned how to sew it on this block.

So, that was what we learned in class. Today was another one of those days. I went and met a friend for lunch and then came home to quilt. Patrick came home feeling like I did yesterday - spent and tired. So, he slept for about 3 hours while I did both the computer and quilting. Called and chatted with mom. We are going to quilt together tomorrow on the quilt. It's coming along nicely, but not sure how many photos I need to post, when they all seem to be about the same. Around here, it's Happy Quilting!

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