Monday, October 27, 2014

Need to Visit

I seriously need to visit the blogs I like to read. I haven't been checking out the blogs because I've just been trying to get comfortable with my schedules.

Today was back to the physical therapist for my shoulder. Kills me how I can get busy on other stuff. I've learned a long time ago, DON'T PLAN ANYTHING I want to do! I came home today and worked on the quilt.

I'm on the last corner of the 6 blocks that I had already quilted. So, I can say, it's moving along nicely.

Once I get this part done, then I can move on to the other blocks and start counting blocks again.

I did work on the puzzle today in between getting ready to leave and cook for supper.

While I was cooking, I was able to finish this! I like it. I had fun working on a puzzle.

It's been a long time since I did any puzzle. Used to do them with my kids. I do miss that. Patrick wouldn't help me, so it takes longer when it's just me.

I did take my block with me while I waited for my appointment. I didn't take a photo of it, but will do that later this week. I was surprised at how well I was working on it. I'm excited about learning P3 Designs method. I've got the stuff, just need to get ready to do it. I will try it with the Baltimore Liberty blocks I'm working on. I seriously need to work on the baskets and other blocks first, so I'm getting there. Quilting is tomorrow, and I'm hoping to get a lot more quilting done at the meeting. At least the floors aren't so dirty there. At the quilt show, I won't take the quilt to quilt.

The weather calls for more rain. So, the whole week is going to be wet. I just wish I was staying home all week. I have quilting tomorrow, class on Wednesday (for applique), lunch with a friend on Thursday, and physical therapy on Friday. Can't win.

As for the class I'm taking on Wednesday - it's a Mary Arnold class and she's teaching all the different ways to do applique. I figure you can never take too many classes. I believe, if I come out of that class learning one thing, then it was worth it. I'm looking forward to taking the class. I've only taken applique classes from Patricia Margaret (Pullman, WA), Nancy Chong, and my mother, Shirley Taylor. I can always learn more.

This week is going to be wet and cold, and I'm going to be Happy Quilting!

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