Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Not One of My Better Days

Today I ended up over sleeping. Then I headed over to mom's where I picked up a sub sandwich. When I arrived they were eating breakfast. So, decided I'd eat my sandwich when I got back. Headed over to physical therapy where I finished up with my back issues, and had the honor of giving him another order for my shoulder. We laughed at how I just finished up with one thing and now I'm having to deal with another. Got back to mom's and ate my sandwich. Mom had me stick around and show her a few things on the computer. I finally called it done, and headed how. Stopped at the grocery store and was lucky to get in front of the buses. Then I only had an hour before Patrick got home, so I worked on the puzzle.

The puzzle is coming along faster than I thought it would.

Went bowling and not having as much fun trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. My average has dropped to 165 and that is bugging me. I'll be working on this all year! ugh.

Tomorrow will be teaching the group how to do the thread catches. It will be a great day to be Happy Quilting!

Spending Time With Family

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