Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Still Getting Work Done

Today turned out to be a quilting day. Headed over to the Musuem to meet with the Mt. St. Helens quilt group. Funny how over the years little has changed. We all love to do hand work. Many of the members have their quilts machine quilted. I thought about that today. Kathleen A., is going to be known as the quilter for Lewis County. 100 years from now, historians will talk about her quilts. Not so much about the maker of the top but the unique way she quilted.

As for me, I will continue to hand quilt till I can't use my eyes or hands. Hands first lol.

One of my issues is miss Charlie. That is my lap and quilt shes on.

I finished another block. Haven't counted how many are done. I have quilted 2 sashes now. Its going pretty good I must admit.

Charlie doesn't seem to mind. I've covered her many a time, and she hasn't budged.

Put the quilt on the floor to figure out where I was and ended up pulling her off the quilt more than having any luck getting to my work. Ugh

Each day is a challenge, and I'm still Happy Quilting.

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