Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thinking too Much!

Okay, today I was thinking of all the quilts that are in process. I have 4 quilts that are being quilted at this time. UGH! I'm really, really close to having my Hawaiian quilt done, but need to finish mom's quilt by Christmas. 

As I work on this quilt, I realize it is quick and easy. I do like that part of it. I still need to find something for the border though. Still can't believe mom lost the templates we were going to do. I had it all planned out. 

I'm also quilting on the quilt that is on my frame downstairs. When it gets colder, I'll heat the stove downstairs and try to get that one done as well. That quilt is about half done. 

Then comes Phillip's little quilt. I've got two blocks done on this one. Will try and get it finished as well. Will probably go start to the Hawaiian after mom's quilt then go to this one. Hard to say what I'll do. At least I can say I did finish two quilts this year so far. That's a heck of a lot more quilts then I have quilted in a very long time. 

Then there is the cross stitch I'm working on. That will be my "in between" moods. When I get tired of quilting, I'll pick this back up and work on it. 

Like the title said, "THINKING TOO MUCH!" I need to just relax and get working on these projects. That doesn't include the applique projects I've been working on as well. So, as you can see, I tend to jump from one project to another. One of these days, I'll have less projects going at one time! That's why I have that rule - Finish 2 projects before starting 1. I've been doing pretty good with that. I'm cutting down what I need to work on. 

I also need to go back downstairs and clean up my mess! I swear, I clean that mess up every 2 months!! You'd think I could take better care! We are going to be getting mom's older quilt tables that are more like shelves. If it works out, I'm going to get rid of that table and put the drawers and counter tables in its place. That way, I can put some of this stuff away and out of sight. Plus the cutting table will be a little bigger and easier to work with. One of the problems is that the cabinet will cover the heater unit. So, we'll have to figure something out that won't be a problem to the heater. May do some moving stuff around. 

Okay, time to quit thinking and quilt! I'm starting on block #6, out of 30, so it's going pretty fast considering how busy I have been. May you have a great day and be Happy Quilting!

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