Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Honey Bee Moving Along

When one has a cold, it tends to put a damper on things. The day started out sleeping in, or at least trying to sleep in.

I had one of those days when my physical therapy was at 11:00 am, the phone goes off 15 mins before I'm supposed to be there. So, I'm running around as if I don't have a head on. Getting Charlie out the door, called to let them know I'd be 5 mins late. He actually thanked me for letting him know. Guess he has a lot of people that don't bother calling or showing up, and then he wonders what's up.
He gave me a few more exercises to do with my shoulder. I just wish the pain would go away and quiet coming back.

I pulled out my Hawaiian to take a photo to show a friend. I realized I'm half way around the quilt as far as finishing it. I need to get back and finish it, but I need to get moms quilt done first.

I love the way it looks on the bed.

I pulled this out and put it on the bed to see how far I was. There are 5 rows. Two rows are done, on the left, and one row is done on the right.

I like the pattern, it's coming out pretty good.

Don't tell mom, but I had to take out her stitches on the bees she did. They didn't look right with the other bees. I did that with a couple of them. Things have been going pretty good, and the sashing stitches are coming in easily.

We bowled tonight, and things are going better. I'm getting back up there with my average. I tend to read other blogs while I wait for bowling to start. I've been keeping up on Karen Goad's quilts. She really keeps busy. I've been looking at a few other blogs as well. Just tired of the business blogs and will take them off my list of fun blogs.

Looking forward to getting rid of this cold and being Happy Quilting!

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