Saturday, November 15, 2014

Reflective Saturday

Had a lousy nights sleep, but that wasn't the reason for today. My shoulder was giving me problems again. Guess it's all that massaging the physical therapy did the night before.

This morning was a slow start. Just played games before having to head out to a "Celebration of Life" for a very dear friend, Will "Willie" Keepers, who passed at the age of 47. He fought cancer for just over a year.

They had a lunch and slide show for everyone. They started at 1 pm but the slide show didn't start till 3 pm. Dad was in a hurry to get there on time, so we ended up waiting 2 hours or the slide show. Patrick and I didn't know too many people there, as Will and Andie (wife) hung around a different "crowd." They didn't have children, and they were busy people. He did more in his short 47 years than I've done in my short 32 years marriage. He was so well liked that it was crowded at the place of services. He was out going and very much a likable person. I met Willie when he was about 15 years old. His mother and mine became very good friends, best friends. My parents and his went places together, traveled together, and when our family was away from the folks, they brought my family in. Willie has a sister, who married and also didn't have children. Both of them were very close. I talked to her today, and just going to her the tears ran. I thought of how hard that has to be for her, as it would kill me if it was one of my two brothers. It was a long day, and thinking about how hard it has been for their family, we've told them we are here for them. So - Willie, you were a glowing light in this world, and I know the Lord has taken you in with open arms! You will be missed!

After that, my folks and us went out to get supper and then ended up at their place to play cards. We had a good time. My brother Patrick called and we talked about the trip to Las Vegas. We're getting excited and so is he.

Now we're home and I happy the day is over. Life is good, and tomorrow will be Happy Quilting!

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