Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank You! Veterans!

Happy Veterans day! Thank you to all who have served! If it wasn't for you and my family - we would not be a "free nation." God Bless you all! I want to thank my father, two uncles, two brothers, husband, and friends for serving this wonderful country of ours!

This was a cold and windy day. Patrick worked outside getting the dead leaves in a pile. Then the wind kicked up and some of those leaves took off again.

He keeps our yard very clean! It's a constant job for him. I'm not a garden person, so I tell everyone that the yard is all Patrick's work.

So, while he cleaned up, I took photos!

Love how the leaves fly when he's out there with the leaf blower.

And there are still leaves on the tree. Now that he took one of the trees out, he won't have as many leaves. Love this photo of the beautiful colors in the leaves. It gets me to thinking of colors in a quilt. Even in leaves. We all use green for leaves, but I believe they would look awesome if we started using some of the fall colors in quilts.

Speaking of quilting - I've gotten the 20th block quilted. I'm now going around the blocks that are done. The sashing quilt patterns are getting done around the side blocks. I need to go back to the other blocks and fill in the sashing, but want to get this done first. I do believe I have one full row done as well.

And YES, I'm timing myself with a timer. Every time it goes off, I get up and stretch my back and shoulders. Patrick even commented today that he didn't hear the beeping. I actually thought it would drive him nuts, but I'm wrong. He comments when I forget to set the time. I think it's actually helping too. Just don't like having to get up when I'm comfortable. lol

We went to the bowling alley so I could get another bowling ball. I worked with the guy for a new ball. The first thing he said when he saw my ball was, "Your left handed, right?" I told him yes, and he said, "Your ball is drilled for a right hand-er." Well, crap - HE drilled it. I told him that after the third time he said it. So, he re-drilled my ball and had me try it out. He's going to plug the holes of my ball, and I'm going to bowl with it tomorrow night then go back on Friday to get my new ball. He was teaching me how to keep my thumb up. It's the same way I was taught years ago, but apparently I started twisting my hand when I swing. So, I have a new thing to work on. I need to get my swing back in line. I just hope he drills this new ball right. I couldn't believe he messed up my "new" ball two years ago! I know it's not the "perfect" fix, but this will help if he drills it right! I'll find out on Friday.

Then we had our water meeting. That took about 45 mins. Since we are on a community water well, we have annual meetings and tonight was one of those. I'm secretary, so I couldn't get out of it. Took a few minutes off my quilting time. OH WELL.

Now we're home and watching TV. That gives me time to be back to being Happy Quilting!

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