Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Busy Holiday Season!

I'm back for awhile. Yesterday I went to the doctors and got a shot in my shoulder to help with the pain. It was awesome when he told me to move my arm around. At least that helped for about 2 hours and then the pain was still there. I have physical therapy tomorrow. So, I'm putting ice back on my arm. The doctor told me that he may need to do a MRI on my shoulder. Possible surgery, and not going there!

The Christmas Party with the Thursday group was a lot of fun. Ended up with fabric, but not colors I work with. No worries, we have blocks that we do, so can use them for that. I won the Coke Bear that is a speaker!

The Christmas Party for bowling was fun. That was Sunday for the travel league. I bowled a 211. I also won some hot pads, tree decorations, and wash clothes. We bowled on Sunday night and I bowled a 258, missing a 600 series of 599.

We have been busy with buying gifts. I've been buying and saving money at the same time. I like the eBates, as I've been getting good discounts with that. I also have been betting discounts on the food I buy with ibotta. I have been picking things up for the family.

This morning I was supposed to take Art (my cribbage gamer) to the eye doctors, but when I got over there, I found out he already let. I found out later, that he got a call from the Cooks Hill Manor where his wife is, that she now has a lot less than 2 months to live. She's getting worse. She asked him if she could come home for Christmas, but that won't happen. He said he had to leave after that. He's hurting and I can see that.

Since I wasn't taking him to the doctors, I decided to go to the store and pick up a few more gifts for Patrick. I came home and started wrapping - still in the wrapping stage at that.

I at least have the bags for Patrick and I. I like wrapping the bags more than having to wraps all the gifts.

These all go to the bowling alley for our Wednesday group. So this is ready for tomorrow night.

Katt's gifts getting ready to mail to her.

Made tea in my Christmas mug to get me in the mood. I still have more gifts to wrap but will do those later.

Since it's just the two of us this year, we went small. This is our 3 ft tree. I also decided to cut back on decorating and have a snowman on the table center with my table runner I made over 10 years ago.

So, you can see, our theme this year is snowmen. I don't have a lot so it worked out. I do have more around the house, but not near the decorating I usually do. It doesn't seem worth the effort when it's just Patrick and I.

And my flowers are growing and coming out.

I worked on mom's quilt last night. I should have the last block done today, and will get working on the border. I'll go to mom's tomorrow and we will work on the borders. Mom finished half the border so far.

As I write this, my mail lady honked and gave me 3 packages from all the gifts we bought on line. Now I have a lot more gifts to wrap. Thought I was doing good today, but NO, no such luck. Never ending game of wrapping gifts. Woo hoo!

I'm behind on my letter for Christmas Cards. Patrick is "tweaking" it.

My cabinets downstairs have been a great help, and I found myself using the counter more often then not. Like today, I went and wrapped gifts up down there. I've got drawers of projects and I've got one heck of an organizations going, so much so, that I can't remember were I put things. You should see me going around in circles. lol

Okay, I need to get moving and work on my quilt. It's 3 pm and I feel like I haven't done anything. I need to get my turkey soup going.

Best wishes on this Holiday Season, and hopefully I can get back to posting daily. I have missed that. May you be Happy Quilting!

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