Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day of Quilting...Or At Least Tried

Today started out behind. Ruth was waiting at the corner for me to show up and she was 10 mins early again today. So I made her wait for me. She keeps blaming her dog Willie. lol  Hate it when she gets early, 'cause I can't eat breakfast before I go.

I went to play cribbage next door to find out Flo ended up in the hospital (emergency) and Art told me he and his daughter don't think she will be coming home. Looks like the cancer has taken a hold of her and it doesn't look good at all. I pray for her, and I know she's in pain. She was talking about how she wanted to be around with her gr grandchildren and go to their graduation. Unfortunately I don't think that is going to happen. I was going to take flowers over to her today, but Art never did call and tell me what her room was. Patrick said Art was home when he came home, and that makes me wonder if she's still okay.

I don't have photos to share today, so I decided I needed some "color" in the blog. It's so cold here that I'm looking forward to March already.

I went to the Mt. St. Helen's quilt group today. It was a potluck. I really didn't want to take the quilt with me this time. I took the applique blocks from Nancy Lee Chong's pattern. As I was getting ready to work  on them, I realized I didn't have my thread. So, that left with with nothing to do, till one of the gals said she had a quilt to bind and I could do that. Since it was small, I was able to get one side done for her. After the potluck, I decided to call it a day, and head home. Got home about 1:00 pm, worked on laundry and headed downstairs.

While I was downstairs, I worked for an hour on my quilt room. I put stuff away, while talking on the phone. Then I put more stuff away, and moved a few things around. I put the fat quarter fabrics and moved them above the others in the cabinet. I took the threads out of the cabinet where the fabric is now, and put them in the center cabinet. The wall cabinets has my fat quarter fabrics. I moved the threads into the cabinet Patrick put together for me. I put my "odds and ends" of buttons, snaps, and "eyes" in a container. I have so many little things I don't know what to do with, that it's getting hard for me to decide. I may end up throwing things out.

Charlie has been following me around. I've been trying to get moving and it doesn't seem to happen. So, I'm going to close this and get my rear in gear and be Happy Quilting!

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