Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Honey Bee Quilt - FINISHED!!

Today I went to the Mt. St. Helen's quilt group and finished off the last of the binding on the Honey Bee Quilt.

Came home and finished checking all the quilt to see if there was any places I might have missed. I did quilt in three places. I had basting threads that needed to be removed.

Washed the quilt! Dried the quilt! And put it on the bed....woo hoo! It's done! I'm so excited to have this quilt done! It's about 4 days late to get to mom, but Patrick is boxing it up and getting it ready to ship. I hope she loves the quilt as much as I love finishing it!

I even put a label on it! - Yes, me, I put a label on the quilt....most be one of about 3 labels I have put on my quilts,,,,,and yes, I know, you REALLY need to put labels on quits. I'm working on it.

It's a simple label, as Patrick edited it. Think he didn't like all the stuff I put on it! LOL - You should have seen him working on it. Took longer than I did figuring out how he wanted it. Then when I printed it this morning, it was TINY. So, I have to enlarge it and re-print it. But hey, it got done, and it's one the way.

I love the back of this quilt! It's funny, but that was the only way I found things missing on the quilt. I always love the back of my quilts.

The good news is that tonight I'm going to pull out my Hawaiian quilt, and try to get it done! It's an awesome feeling to finally finish a quilt after all this time. I have two more to finish quilting, and then I can get back to some of my other projects. So, today is a Happy Day, and I'm still Happy Quilting!

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