Sunday, December 7, 2014

Just Can't...Take It Easy!

I have been busy. Not with quilting, but with everything else. I have two blocks I need to do, and one is due on Tuesday.

So, I just can't take it easy any more. It's not in me to be lazy and relax, actually I CAN'T relax. Never could. Even my PT tells me to relax, but I tense up too quick and easy. My arm is letting me know it's there, but I'm going to get stuff done anyway.

Had to show you some of my trip. This was taken on the way to Las Vegas. There were people standing right next to the horseman, so I cut them out - or at least tried.

Patrick waiting on us. lol

This is only a part of what I've been doing. This is SOME of the fabrics I have that are fat quarters and a little bigger. Plus my bolt of black fabric.

Started cleaning up my area, and it's looking a lot better. Found a few things I was looking for, but still looking for some others. I know I have them together, so not too worried.

My cutting board area is getting cleaned up as well. I like having the room (and the draw is open - not broken). I put my patterns in that draw.

My pattern I designed. I have to make it now for the group Christmas party. I was working on cutting out the fabric and getting it ready to applique.

Got the colors all ready. The lighter gold is the main color for the bow and the darker the inside color. I'm not sure if I will like it that way, but I'm going with it, because of the print on the lighter color.

Finally finished up on what I was doing and my table top isn't messy anymore. I need to get Christmas stuff out of the closet under the stairs. Bet my table top will be full again with that stuff.

I have a few things I'm going to start putting up on Listia to get rid of them. (Link on the side bar).

Tonight is bowling, so I'm going to close this, and will try to wait 3 days before posting again. Will have to see if I can behave. I'm just wanting to finish stuff and stay Happy Quilting!


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