Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sewing the Binding!

I was able to finish quilting on the quilt yesterday. It's really looking great! I did find a couple places that I need to finish the quilting, but it's very little. One of the bees body doesn't have the quilting around the outside and another has a small section missing too.

Today I spent the day sewing on the binding. I started some of the binding yesterday. Part of the binding is completely done, but there is still more to do.

It feels good to be this close. I'm hoping we can get this in the mail on Tuesday or Wednesday, and that all depends on me. We worked on a label, which I will print out tomorrow and wash it to have it soft enough to sew on the back.

I'm hoping my mother-in-law likes this. Patrick said it's her colors and she'll love it. I can keep my fingers crossed.

We bowled tonight and won 3 of 4 games. It's a new quarter so we can try to win this quarter. lol When this quilt is done, I'll be pulling out the Hawaiian quilt again and get it done as well. Can't wait to have these two quilts done. I'll also work on the one downstairs.

I was thinking I need to work on my cross stitch and would you believe I have another one in mind for the my next "cross stitch project?" When will I even learn! My mind is wondering to new projects, and I seriously need to finish a few others first! I guess you can say "I'm nutter then a fruit cake," as grandmother would say. I also was thinking I need to cut the black and white fabric into 5" squares for Katt's next quilt. I still don't know why she just wants squares, not 9 patches, all sewn together. It's easy to do, but "Boorrrrrinnnnnggggg." I will try and do that for her though, since that's what she wants. I'm hoping I can be Happy Quilting!

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