Monday, March 30, 2015

Spending The Day With A Friend

Today started out fast and furious. I played cribbage with the neighbor, and only won one game. Then I headed to my friends house and worked on a few things.

She had 15 of the bookmarks done.

Need 15 more for the retreat. I cut out more, matched them up while she sewed them up. I also cut out more fabrics for the Kleenex holders.

She finished up 4 more, so I believe I have about 10 or 15 now. I'll have to check out what I have downstairs.

I showed her how to mark her 2 Fabric Applique Nancy Chong's design. I had her mark her design with mom's light box. I had to leave it because she didn't get it done. I will be going back on Thursday or Friday. I also forgot my marking pencil. So, I really need to go back and pick it up. I stopped by my cousins place because I forgot my marking pencil there too. I left the black one with her, and my white one with my friend today. At this rate, I'm going to be giving away my tools!

I did stop this morning and take a few pictures of the flowers.

Patrick's beautiful tulips.  I couldn't leave without taking photos.

This is how the day was today. This is our poplar tree at the side of the house.

Rose gave me some rooted plants, so when I got home, I planted them. They look great, and I'm hoping to get the to grow. She's been cutting back on her plants, and has a couple of them she's growing more before cutting. Told her I would love to have the cuttings.

I stopped and took a photo of Mt. Rainier, that I could see on the way home. I love seeing the mountains on clear days. It's really pretty around here.

I've got more applique to do. My list is getting longer, but I have been finishing a few things, and that's awesome for me! I love doing applique over sewing pieces. I will be putting some basting stitches on the basket blocks for tomorrow. Still don't know when dad is going in. No one has bothered to call him and he's going in tomorrow. GRRR

Daughter will be here soon. She came to be with my dad. Oh, well......I'm still thinking positive! Happy Quilting!


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