Monday, June 29, 2015

Living Through a Heat Wave....

As I sit here typing, I realize how thankful I am to have a "basement" that is cool. It's our split level and the downstairs is so much cooler than the upstairs. It's hard to believe it's only June and we are already in the 90-100 degrees. Poor Kat, she's in 104 degree weather where she lives. I'm thankful I don't live in Wenatchee but at the same time, I'm sorry for all those families that lost EVERYTHING. We are going to be dealing with this for a while. I can't breath in this heat at times, so I just come downstairs. Patrick seems to be okay with the heat, as he stays upstairs. lol

I came downstairs early in the afternoon and started going through the bucket. I'm not only sewing the strips but I'm cutting them, and sewing them into 9 patches.

As I cut them, I stack them for sewing. I tend to go from one part of the process to the other. I just don't want to do the same thing every time. It does get a little old.

As I was going through the strips, I had extra strips that wouldn't work into the 9 patches. I'll have these for another set later. I can go through the container there and see what goes with them.

My stack of 9 patches are growing. I have a lot of the front color. I have just a few of others. The way I look at it, I'm getting them done. I'm using up fabric I would have just kept looking at to see what I would do with them or look for one color. This way, I get a quilt top out of it. That's okay by me. How I will put them together, now that is another question. I'm just making them for now. I need to trim them all. Nope, didn't do that today. Wasn't in the mood to trim. Not looking forward to trimming, but will do it before I go any further with all these.

While I was cooking, I was basting more fabric to my eagle block. As I look at this photo, I noticed the left wing doesn't go together. So, I'm going to take it out. It looked okay when I was trying to decide, but in just looking at it now, it doesn't work. I'll work on it. I have a couple other fabrics that I can use and will change it to one of those.

I have been working on the applique and I'm liking every step of the way. I need to copy the other eagle patterns before next week when I return Jeannie here patterns.  I can't wait to see what Donna does with the other two blocks I gave her. It will be awesome. She's got a lot of blocks that were donated for the QOV quilts. She will work with those and the eagles. I'm looking forward to seeing what she does. She's so good at (not planning) a quilt. She can put blocks on the wall and work from there. Me?! Yeah, right, not that good. I'm least I want to believe that! lol

I'm sitting here staying cool....I hope others are too. This heat is just too much.....but hey!, I'm working on projects, so I can't complain too much! Stay cool and be Happy Quilting!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cooler Day Today....But More Coming!

Today was cooler, but still hot. We did hear some thunderstorms but didn't get much here. It did sprinkle rain, but not enough to enjoy.

I headed downstairs to work on my strips.

I'm starting to go through this bucket. I have been sewing the strips together. I know I have a few more solids to cut for strips, but decided to make it a little more exciting by working on the strips already cut.

This is my left over solid box. As you can see, I have plenty to go through! I don't know what I'm going to do, but will think about it. First things first, I'm working on what I have done.

I pulled out the shelf on the cabinet to work on. I figured it would be easier to have everything there to work on.

This is some of the strips that I done and cut to get ready to sew 9 patches. I found a couple of them had one piece left over. I'll figure out what I will do with those. I may just line them up one on the other and use that for the border strip. Truthfully, I have no idea what I'm going to do. I figure once I have the blocks done, then I can decide what I will make out of them.

This is some of the colors I have done. I've been sewing a set of strips, then cutting them to size. Once I do that I can sit and sew some of the block together as I work on another set of strips. I still need to trim these down to size. That will be an interesting day! I hate having to trim them! BUT it does need to be done. I'll probably do that in between doing the others stuff as well. It happens when I'm in the mood to do it.

I'm still working on the applique when I can. I will need to have plenty of applique work to do when I take the car in to get the "recall" fixed. I swear! My car is going in for the 4th time on a recall. I have no doubt there will be another recall. Still waiting to see if I get a recall on the air bags. Just looked on the website, and according to Toyota, I'll get a letter in the mail if and when it is available. My car is not in the year they posted, so I may be lucky enough not to get a recall.

Today I received word that a dear friend that I bowl with, lost her son last night. She's heading back from National's (bowling) today. He wasn't very old, and he did have some brain damage from an accident years before. Not sure the details, but sending prayers to her and her family.

There is a cool breeze coming in from outside...feels awesome! I'm not looking forward to the heat wave coming in again in the next few days.

Patrick worked out in the yard while I was sewing. I had the windows open down there and enjoyed the time sewing. My back told me enough was enough, so will take a few hours at a time. Every little bit helps. I will be back down there at least 2 more times this week. My week is full this week. Hard to believe what I have going on. BUT hey, I'm still Happy Quilting!!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Still Stripping

Like that title? I do! lol  I was thinking of a good title for today's busy day. I remember how I had to work on titles when I was at Centralia College. English Comp was not my favorite class, but the older I got the better I was at writing. I've been slipping lately when it comes to writing, but OH, well.

I've been busy cutting strips again today. I did about 4 more sets.

I added them to this bucket. My solids are coming down in volume but there are still a lot more to go. Not all will match with light and dark. So, I'm going to hold off on those solids and may get black or white and make them that way. Which means a completely different quilt....wonder how many quilts will come out of all this!

I sewed about 4 of the sets together. This is only 2 of the 4. I will sew them into 9 patches. I'm sure I will have left overs. I'm also sure that will be odd ones out. When that happens I'll deal with them then.

About the time I got this much done, Patrick decided we would head out to the casino and stay cool there. We spent a good three hours out there. It was cool and comfortable in the casino compared to the house. I came downstairs last night and slept in the spare bedroom. It's a lot cooler down there then it is upstairs. Patrick has the fan on, but that doesn't do me any good. So, I got up around 11:30 pm and went downstairs. It took me a while to get to sleep, but I finally did. It's a lot darker downstairs too, so I was able to sleep till about 8:30 am for the first time in a very long time. The bed down there is hard, but at this point, I don't care, as long as I can sleep!

We got home and I headed back downstairs. I sewed the other 2 sets then. I cut the sets and decided I would see how well I did with the strips.

This set was only enough for 4 - 9 patches. I have 2 of each. I will say, for someone who doesn't like to sew, I did pretty dang good! I will probably do more of the strips tomorrow. It all depends on what Patrick has up his sleeve!

I'm hiding in the downstairs. It's so much cooler down here than it is up stairs. Chances are I'm going to be living down here for a while if the weather keeps getting this hot. We are in a heat wave, and have been told to make sure we drink water. It's getting dangerously hot. Patrick went to a meeting for work, and they said we are in a drought. We have lakes and waterways low on water already. Problem is, it's only June!

So, I as sit down here watching TV, I'm going to play a few games and try to get back to my applique - which is upstairs. I did get a lot of applique done last night. My eagles are starting to show up.

I keep trying to stay on top of my projects, but as one can see, I'm all over the place. It was funny today, I would tell Patrick, "maybe we should move," and he would look at me, say, "What? You in a hurry? Can't wait?" It's true, I can't! If the game isn't winning I want to get up and move! He tells me to patient, and my comment to him today was, "You've been married to me how long?.. and you should know by know I'm not very patient." He just laughed at me, and the lady next to him gave me one of those weird looks, like "How long have you been married?" Couldn't help it, I laughed, and she looked away!

In the meantime! Happy Quilting!

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Day At Moms

Today was a fast day. I started out with having to run errors. I must have stopped at about 5 places before heading to moms.

I must have brought 3 bags full of fabric to work on my applique as well! I took my computer and tablet with me as well. One never knows what will happen at moms. I had planned on stay all day, and Patrick would come over after work to eat. So, I knew I would be there all day. Sometimes things don't work out as one hopes, so I was prepared.

I started out with the blocks that needed more basting added to it.

QOV block

Since the applique was done on here, I added the brown for the feathers.

Baltimore Liberty Quilt by P3 Designs

Then I worked on basting some fabric on here for applique work to get done. I'm thinking of making the middle firecracker with blue and white stripes. I'm still thinking about what the star will be.

QOV block

I started appliqueing the ribbon (gold fabric) on. It's going quick and easily. I was working on this, but I also went for a walk with dad. So, I really didn't get as much done as I could have. I also helped mom when I got there. She gave me a stack of fabric she had that was mine. I had completely forgotten about it.

We had a good time. Ethel came over and stay all day as well. So, there was a lot of chatter going on as well as applique. We were laughing at how it was like having our Friday meetings but with less people.

I'm going to work on these pieces tonight and see where it gets me. I'm going to try and get more one on the liberty quilt block as well. Happy Quilting!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cutting, Quilting, and Applique

Today was a day without walking. I did have to follow our neighbor in his car to get it fixed. I brought him back home.

Then I went downstairs and figured it was time to get more stitches in the quilt.

The lighting in the basement is awful, so a lot of my pictures down there have an ugly yellow color to them. I was able to get around the butterfly today. I have a few more stitches to put in on the center and then I can move out to the open area.

I did get a few more stitches in on the flower. (Even though one can't tell it's a flower)

After about an hour and a half of quilting, I decided I needed to get up and move around.

I pulled out more solid fabrics and started cutting more strips. I did more than this, but didn't realize I had them under the fabrics I was cutting.

This is the bucket of strips. I have the bottom full of four rows. There are at least 10 per row, that is hard to see. That bottom is a light blue, not white. I have been surprised at how much I've cut and how much I have yet to do. I did group a few more colors and will cut them later. I emptied the big bucket of the project I started years ago. It wasn't taking up much room in this bucket. I put the older project in the small container I was using for the solid fabrics. I'm not done yet, so I'm hoping by the time I am, the rest of the solids will fit just fine in the bigger container. If not, I'll figure something out when the time comes.

QOV block

I started the shield last night, and this afternoon, I finished appliqueing this done. I have been working on the flag with the stars. It's going really fast. I wasn't happy with the way the shield came out at the top curve. I took that part out and will redo it. I want it to curve better than it did. No worries, it will look fine either way. I love how quickly it's going. I will work on the other block tonight.

Mom called today and asked me to come over tomorrow. I told her I would. Not sure what I was thinking, but decided I would go over. Not sure how long I'll stay. I'll take some stuff to work on.

The weather is HOT, HOT, HOT, and I'm hating it. I'm not enjoying any of it at all. Can't sleep because of the sun getting up so early, let alone getting hot while I sleep. There is a reason I don't live in AZ or AR, let alone NV. UGH!! Guess we are having this for the next days as well. HELP!! If I had a swimming pool, I'd be living in it. But I am very thankful I have the downstairs!! It's so cool down there. If this keeps up, I'll dessert Patrick and go downstairs at night!

In the meantime, everything else is great. Loving being Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cutting Strips

Today was the usual of walking and cribbage. I finally won a game today.

Since today was a day at home - which I love - I went downstairs and worked on cutting more strips.

The more I cut, the more I have to sew. I'm surprised at how much I've cut and it doesn't look like I have even put a dent in my two boxes! I have so much solids that I can use up. I'm trying to get the light and dark colors of the same color. It's coming along. I have some really bright colors, like the yellow, that I'm thinking about using. Ones eyes get cross eyed with the bright colors.

I appliqued the striped fabric down, and basted the shield and top of the flag. This block has to be step by step because of the way the applique has to go on. I actually like what's coming out of it. Tonight I'll work on both blocks for QOV. It will go pretty fast since I have a lot of the pieces on the blocks to applique down.

It's been nothing but HOT around here. I guess we are expecting more hot weather this week. You would think it was August!! I go outside, then turn around and go back in the house. I work on my stuff downstairs because it's so much cooler down there! Yea, I know, I'm a baby when it comes to the heat. I can't take heat since I lived in Turkey. The heat takes the wind out of me.

Ruth texted to say she's walking, so I'll close this and go walking - yea, in the heat, but it will be quick! Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lunch With My Cousin, Donna

Today was quilting day with Mt. St. Helen's group at the museum. We walked today, and got in more step/miles then we usually do. We decided to take one of our "old" walks down Jackson Hwy, and over to the golf course. We then went around the housing area where we usually go.  I lost all three games with Art.

I then went to the museum for our meeting. One of the gals that was in the guild showed up. Looks like she's going to join too. She asked if I knew anyone that would be willing to finish her Hawaiian quilt that was designed at the same time I designed mine. We took a class from Nancy Chong. I asked if she wanted to have someone do it on commission, and she said, no, she wanted to give it to someone to finish. I told her I would take it if she's giving it away. I love doing Hawaiian quilts. I will make sure her name is on the design, and I will make sure it gets done. I'm actually excited about that.

I took my Baltimore Liberty quilt block to work on. I was able to get the wood sticks done, but realized I took leaf fabrics and the wood fabric. As I was getting ready to put more basting in it, I realized I didn't bring the material I needed to work on this. So, I appliqued the sticks and called it good for now.

It was a good thing I brought the Dresden Plate block to work on. This is another UFO project. I have a couple already appliqued down, so trying to get one more done was a good thing. I didn't get very far. I realized as I was appliqueing it down, the basting is a little "off" and since it was done over 20 years ago, I will have do applique it the way it is.

I decided to have lunch with Donna today since she was home painting. I told her I was coming. I walked over to Chehalis Deli for a sandwich, and then headed over to her house. She's only about 3 blocks from the museum. We pulled some of her fabrics for the QOV.

All of these will work great for the eagles! I have two eagles ready for applique. I spent a good hour with Donna. We talked and had a great time! I love what she's doing to the house! She's been painting the outside of the house. I love what she's been doing. She even finished painting on of her rooms upstairs, and set it up with a quilt on the bed.

Came home and started putting the blocks together. I back basted several pieces so I'm ready to go! I am doing one that is on the "dull" side for me. The other one will be bold like the last two. It will be fun. I'm excited about working on them.

This is the second of the two blocks for QOV eagles.

Actually before doing that, I went downstairs, and cut more strips for the solids I'm trying to use up. This is one of the two containers of solids.

This is the other one. I'm trying to use up the light and dark of each color.

So far I have these ready to sew. I still need more, so will cut more later tomorrow. I'm hoping to get a lot of solids used up. It's going to be interesting to see what I get done. I'm looking forward to doing these.

We bowled tonight as well. My fitbit let me know I walked over 11,000 steps so far. I was surprised a little but glad I finally got it done. I'm still Happy Quilting!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Brazilian Embroidery Meeting

Today started out with a walk, then off to our meeting. Pat Campbell is our "teacher" and coordinator of our meetings. We had a good turn out.

I finished the piece we made in the group. Three or four of us are done. Mom is in the beginning stages of this. Since my plastic holders are in, I can now work on the next piece. Told Patrick I'll wash it up and he can frame it. Then we can give it as a gift or hang it on the wall.

I was lazy the rest of the day, except for laundry. I cut out some 2 1/2" strips for the 9 patches I'm going to do for another quilt. I want to use up the solids I have. I figure I'll do the light and dark colors together. Those are the colors so far for the patches. I will cut more out this week. Tomorrow is quilting with St. Helen's group and then off to see Donna around lunch time. Should be fun. I'm looking forward to it.

it was time to pick blueberries. They are showing up fast. Usually we don't pick them till about July/Aug. But this year they are early. Really good too.I gave some blueberries from last year to Phil to use up. It's amazing how much blueberries I have left over from last year.

I noticed the squash is starting to come out too, while I was berry picking.

I also picked a few strawberries. We had a dessert with blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. It was really good. Healthy too.

The eggplant is growing pretty good as well. Patrick's garden is doing great! I can't wait to start seeing tomatoes!

I'm about half way done, if not more on this block. I have the ship base and water left to do. Then I can move to the next block. It's going fast when I work on it.

I wanted to add a link to the gal I got my fabric from in England. If your looking for fabrics you can't find, that's the one to get the fabric from.  Marilyn's Patchwork has some really pretty fabric. Cheaper than usual, but the shipping is what gets it up to what we pay. I love what she's got, and she's fast with shipping. Fabric's from England. I noticed she has the Dr. Suess fabric as well. I may have to get that!!

I was reading Karen's blog about her going to the National Quilt Assoc,. quilt show. I wasn't surprised she was disappointed with very little to nothing for hand quilters. I found a lot of quilt shows that don't offer hand quilting supplies. I am like her, it's offending to us hand quilters when machine quilting has taken over the quilt world. Both quilts are beautiful and both quilts need to be recognized. Hand quilting is NOT a dieing art. Most hand quilters a humble and aren't as showy as most. I wait to see what other quilters say about a show before I decide to go or not. I want to see hand work, not machine work.

We are keeping busy, and I'm still find things to finish, and (ouch) start. I'm enjoying my crafts. Happy Quilting.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all father's out there! May you have a great day!

I would like to wish my father, Myron Taylor and my husband, Patrick Wiltzius, a Happy Father's Day.

Today I left Patrick's gifts on his chair for when he got up. He said he needed some shirts, so I bought him a couple as well as a wallet. Katt called and wake him up early this morning. It's one of her traditions - to wake dad up on the holidays.

I got up and went downstairs to look for a book. I wanted to find a block for scraps, that I can use to use up my solid fabrics.

I checked out both these shelves to see what I can come up with. I pulled out a few books, and still didn't find what I was looking for.

When we went to pick up mom and dad for supper to celebrate Father's Day, I checked out her books. She had these two books that I borrowed. I found a couple of quilts in there that I will use to help me out. I'll probably start cutting the fabrics this week.

Last night I did get a couple baskets done.

Just the baskets where done. I'll be able to work on the flowers now. These two have more embroidery on them, so it will go quick.

Tomorrow is Brazilian embroidery in the morning. I'm looking forward to getting back to finishing up the picture I'm working on .

Today was a busy day with Dad. We had a great time, and Patrick won the card game. Phillip was with us for supper. Life is good....Happy Quilting!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Father's Day Weekend

Today I was actually able to sleep in. I got an extra hour of sleep and it felt good. Patrick slept for another hour and then we went out. We spent most of the day out. Went to the casino and then to the movies.

We do like going to movies. We look for good movies and then we go during matinee time. Cheaper that way. We do have the movie card, and it comes in handy. We have been known to get in to a free movie from time to time.

I did get more quilting in last night. The weather was good, not as hot as it is tonight. I seem to be getting around pretty quick. I'm not sure if I'll be working on this tonight.

We're watching another old war time movie right now. Jack Lemon is in it as well as Ricky Nelson. Both have since passed. Hard to believe all these movies I loved have half the actors still alive.

I went downstairs earlier to see my next project on the list. I would like to make it a little bigger. So, I'm going to have to figure out the math parts to make it just a few inches more. Time will tell if I can do that. I'm going to make the background blocks so I can get them set up to work on. I will sit down this week and work the math out.

Tomorrow is a trip to the Spaghetti Factory for Father's Day. Patrick doesn't know it, but I was nice enough to buy him a couple gifts. I'll give them to him tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm going to play a few games, and then pull out my baskets to work on another one. That means - Happy Quilting!

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Meeting Day!

Today I did the usual, walking, cribbage, and then off to a meeting. Guess the meeting part isn't usual, but it's close. I go do meeting more often then I ever did. Monday is our embroidery day, so I'll be off for that as well.

The meeting today was at moms. Mom was showing the pattern she got for me that I gave back to her. A couple of them asked if I was going to make the quilt, and I told them no, not since she shared it with everyone before she gave it to me. I gave it back. They couldn't understand why I did that. I told them I don't like working on something, sharing the pattern, then that person finishes it before I do. Mom made the comment that it was because I was mad at her for taking my Christmas quilt and finished it before I even started it. In some ways, yes, but that's not the reason. I just feel like quilters who found a pattern they really like, work on it, and then share what they are doing, wouldn't appreciate the fact that that person finished the quilt first. That person gets all the awes, ohs, etc., while the first person gets comments like, "Isn't that the quilt so-and-so made?" "Did you get the pattern from so-and-so?" I'm selfish in that way. I think someone that finished a quilt, can then give the pattern away for someone else. Why give it away while they work on it? And why listen to people say how so-and-so did such a good job or found an awesome pattern. It's different when two people on the internet are working on the same one. I only feel that way when it's in the same groups. There are too many group members who copy others.

I worked on Phillip's quilt today. I started the 5th block. I've got about 1/3 of it quilted. The blocks go fast enough and if I keep going with this quilt it will be done before I know it. It's one of those UFO's that needed to be finished. I can't wait to add that to the "finished" pile! I'm happy at how much I've been getting done! It's fun to see project that where started years ago, getting done.

Last night I finished block #14. Now I have 13 blocks done. They are coming along great! I'm having fun. I marked this months blocks the other day, so I can get the fabric for those and at this rate, I may get caught up by the time all 50 states are done. I'm close to being half way at this point.

Even though I put up with some of the things that goes on with this group, I still love going and I still enjoy the company. I'm used to be ignored at times, so no worries. Life is good!

I'm still going through ideas of what I want to do. I marked the next two eagles for the quilts, so I'm getting ready to do the applique on them soon. I'm loving the embroidery as well, so I'm still keeping busy. It's the only way to be! Happy Quilting!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday with the Quilters

Today was a day of walking, cribbage, and quilting. I went to Walmart before heading to the quilt group. I had to pick something up for the potluck. Plus I needed cat food.

We had a good meeting today. We only had about 7 blocks for the drawing. I didn't do a block for the drawing, since I had plenty of stuff to do the last few months.

Our potluck was really good. Mostly salads. We did our usual drawing for prizes and I didn't get the book I wanted. :-( , but then I really didn't need another book.

Got home and Patrick came home early. So, I worked on this basket block. I have a couple more petals to do and then I can do the embroidery on it. I really like the colors, which is odd since I'm not a pink person.

My pattern I ordered the other day is on the way! I'm excited. I ordered the Spring Bouquet - Laundry Basket Quilts. I really love the patterns from there! I'm hoping to start the Sweet Sixteen - Laundry Basket Quilts pattern here soon. I've been collecting fabrics for it, and I'm ready to get started. I just need to finish one more thing before I start it! I'm loving the patterns!

I'm hoping to get more done tomorrow then I did today. I didn't get anything done at the meeting, since this group comes for the potluck and then leaves. Check out our meeting at Haven't Missed A Stitch. And yes, that's another blog I keep up on. Way too much typing today! lol

I need to get more letters posted as well. Thinking I may try and do that this weekend. I have a lot of stuff I need to work on......again, more stuff.....ugh. Plus this weekend is Father's Day and I will be taking dad out to the Spaghetti Factory in Tacoma I'm betting.

Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Thinking Too Much - AGAIN!

Today started out great. Walked and came home. I started making my Scandinavian Almond Cake. It was awesome, and I still love making that cake! It's actually a kind of pound cake. I could eat both any day. We had a lot of almonds in the house, so got busy making it. It takes a good hour to cook, but when it's done, it's awesome!

I did go downstairs and quilt for two hours.

I did get this area ready for rolling again, but need to move to the middle and then the right side before I can roll it.

I have half this block done. This is block number 4 of 9.

I put up my UFO's to keep me on track. Still have a ways to go. I need to get back to working on the basket blocks.

I saw this upstairs and took it downstairs. It's a pattern/kit that mom brought back for me. It's a table matt for the table. I'm not quiet there yet to work on it.

Then I had the "stupid" idea. I kept looking at this pattern on the wall. I thought it would be fun to do the embroidery on these blocks. So, I cut out a couple squares to mark the blocks. I marked one block and realized it was on the wrong piece of fabric. As I was marking the blocks (yes I did 2), I realized the instructions are crap! They are instructions for someone that can read patterns, because the instructions don't tell you what the dotted lines in the fish bowl are or what stitch to use on it. The only instructions on what stitch to use are the "zigzag" areas. It doesn't even show you how the zigzag is done. They show the lazy daisy stitch, french knot (not a good design for people that don't know how to make a french knot) and 2 other stitches. The more I looked at the patterns the more frustrated I got. I can use my own ideas of how and where to stitch it. I don't want to have to figure it out as I go. SO...I've decided after marking 2 of the blocks, I'm not going to do this! I'm not going to make this quilt. I do not recommend these patterns with the kind of instructions they have.

While the light box is out, I marked 2 more eagles for the QOV quilts. I need to get with Donna and we can work out the colors. I have some fabrics for the eagle but I would like to get her ideas as well. Plus she has some fabrics I want to use on the blocks.

I was thinking of starting another project, and I even bought another quilt pattern online! I should just wait for it to show up before I start another project. Keep telling myself that anyway....Thinking a small project will be fast and easy to do.....nope, that never happens. Why another project...I have two quilts to quilt....I have 3 applique quilts going, and why would I need another one?! I have two more that have fabric and is waiting to get why am I looking at the patterns on my board?! UGH Lynn, stop looking!!

Now that I won't be starting another project, I'll keep working on the quilting side of 2 quilts. Tomorrow is the potluck for our group. Not sure what I will be taking, but I will think of something. I just hope I don't set everything up, we eat, and they leave for me to clean up. I hate it when that happens.

Friday is the other quilt group. Not sure what I'm going to do. I really don't care about going two days in a row, but I know it upsets mom if I don't show up. ugh.

May you be Happy Quilting!

BE Meeting And Cross Stitching

This morning was our BFF (BE meeting) day. I was all ready to go. Called Cherry to see if she was going. She was waiting on the guys that do...