Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lunch With My Cousin, Donna

Today was quilting day with Mt. St. Helen's group at the museum. We walked today, and got in more step/miles then we usually do. We decided to take one of our "old" walks down Jackson Hwy, and over to the golf course. We then went around the housing area where we usually go.  I lost all three games with Art.

I then went to the museum for our meeting. One of the gals that was in the guild showed up. Looks like she's going to join too. She asked if I knew anyone that would be willing to finish her Hawaiian quilt that was designed at the same time I designed mine. We took a class from Nancy Chong. I asked if she wanted to have someone do it on commission, and she said, no, she wanted to give it to someone to finish. I told her I would take it if she's giving it away. I love doing Hawaiian quilts. I will make sure her name is on the design, and I will make sure it gets done. I'm actually excited about that.

I took my Baltimore Liberty quilt block to work on. I was able to get the wood sticks done, but realized I took leaf fabrics and the wood fabric. As I was getting ready to put more basting in it, I realized I didn't bring the material I needed to work on this. So, I appliqued the sticks and called it good for now.

It was a good thing I brought the Dresden Plate block to work on. This is another UFO project. I have a couple already appliqued down, so trying to get one more done was a good thing. I didn't get very far. I realized as I was appliqueing it down, the basting is a little "off" and since it was done over 20 years ago, I will have do applique it the way it is.

I decided to have lunch with Donna today since she was home painting. I told her I was coming. I walked over to Chehalis Deli for a sandwich, and then headed over to her house. She's only about 3 blocks from the museum. We pulled some of her fabrics for the QOV.

All of these will work great for the eagles! I have two eagles ready for applique. I spent a good hour with Donna. We talked and had a great time! I love what she's doing to the house! She's been painting the outside of the house. I love what she's been doing. She even finished painting on of her rooms upstairs, and set it up with a quilt on the bed.

Came home and started putting the blocks together. I back basted several pieces so I'm ready to go! I am doing one that is on the "dull" side for me. The other one will be bold like the last two. It will be fun. I'm excited about working on them.

This is the second of the two blocks for QOV eagles.

Actually before doing that, I went downstairs, and cut more strips for the solids I'm trying to use up. This is one of the two containers of solids.

This is the other one. I'm trying to use up the light and dark of each color.

So far I have these ready to sew. I still need more, so will cut more later tomorrow. I'm hoping to get a lot of solids used up. It's going to be interesting to see what I get done. I'm looking forward to doing these.

We bowled tonight as well. My fitbit let me know I walked over 11,000 steps so far. I was surprised a little but glad I finally got it done. I'm still Happy Quilting!


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