Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Quilt Meeting Day

This morning didn't work as planned, but everyone that knows me, knows it never works for me to pain anything.

I walked with Ruth, played cribbage with Art, and then waited to see if Art needed me to pick him up after dropping off the car. By 11 am he still hadn't heard from the mechanic. So, I headed for our quilt meeting.

While at the meeting I worked on block #11. I finished it after I got home. We had a great meeting. I picked up the floss that I need to finish up my Brazilian embroidery as well.

After the meeting I had to go shopping and then was finally home by 2 pm. I worked on the last petal of this block and then did he embroidery. I tried to get the June set of blocks but there was an error that showed up. I'm thinking it's so busy that I couldn't get them. I hope I can still get them.

Tomorrow is physical therapy, so I'll be at mom's in the morning. I started block #12, and I will start on the flower tomorrow. I'm hoping to get that one done as well.

Time will tell what tomorrow may bring. May we all be Happy Quilting!!

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