Friday, July 3, 2015

A Cool Breeze Tonight

It's been way too hot for me. I keep repeating that, don't I?! Sorry. I'm thinking positive! It's positively too hot!

We are drying up already and it's not even August. Right now, Patrick and I are sitting out on the deck enjoying a cool breeze. It's cooler out here then it is in the house. He has my tablet and I have my computer on the table. He's on the swing, and I'm at the table. Charlie on the other hand is down behind the garbage and recycling bins.

Today I was busy but not enough to bother me. I walked with Ruth. Then we picked a few of her blue berries. Went to see Art for a game of cribbage. I think he won. I just remember he wanted to go into town before it got too hot, so we quit at 9 am.

I did bake this morning - early enough so it didn't make the house hotter than it already was. After lunch we headed to Safeway for tomorrows celebration. We will be enjoying the day with neighbors. I had my list of sale prices and we did pretty good. After that we came home and then talked about supper. We were going to go to a movie but found out the movie wasn't playing there anymore. So, we decided to go to Pizza Hut. I was surprised the food was better than the last time we went. We bought their box meal that was $10. We ended up bring half of everything in the box home. Trouble was, they gave us 2 small boxes to put it in. That didn't stop me! lol

I did get in some sewing downstairs. I also put a few fabrics away on the boards. I "filed" them away. Now I just have the mess on my counter, and I really do need to get back to putting that away. I ran out of boards, and really, really, don't want to buy more. I may have to. OR I may have to go through the scraps and figure out what to with them. May go back to cutting squares and putting them on Listia for sale. Who knows!!

I'm going to be busy next week with QOV, Brazilian Embroidery, and visiting Jeannie Austin. I'm so excited to be doing all those, just wish they weren't three days in a row. lol - I'll get through this. I have a cousin I'm going to enjoy two of those with!

I hope this heat is coming to an end, but doubt it. We have hit all kinds of records in the state, let alone in town. May everyone be cool and comfortable where they are! Happy Quilting.

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