Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Day At The Beach!

We left around 9:30 this morning to head to the beach. We fixed lunch before going. After getting everything ready to go, we headed west. We took the long way, so we could enjoy the ride. Patrick drove past where I was at retreat in May. Loved the view! That road way is so pretty with all the trees. It's been years since I saw that many trees in a trip. Washington used to have a TON of trees everywhere one looked. Now, they've farmed all the trees, and one doesn't get to enjoy them like we did as kids.

The weather was awesome! I loved the breeze. It was perfect for the kite fest at Grayland.

We enjoyed the view of kites. This went a long way down the beach. Patrick and I were chcking out the different kinds of kites that were out there.

Loved the patriotic kites! One guy had a lot of the flag, eagle, and other patriotic kites. They were also putting a cow up when we walking away.

Plenty of seagulls out there too. I was able to get close to them. I didn't try my luck too much though.

We even found a few dead crabs. Patrick found a dead seal but I wasn't going to take a photo of that.

As we got back to the car (which we could take out to the water), we sat there for awhile. I took along my applique to work on if we were going to sit and relax. Wouldn't you know it! I brought my applique blocks for both the eagle and my Liberty block.....had my scissors and thread....nope, didn't have a needle to do the applique with! I ALWAYS have the needle attached to what I'm working on!! But apparently last night, I decided to put the needle somewhere else, because it wasn't on the eagle that I brought with AND it wasn't on the Liberty, no work got done. After a few minutes a listening to a kid on the beach scream at the birds. I gave it up. We then headed to Westport.

This boat was selling Tuna. We were able to walk around the dock.

More seagulls and more boats. It was pretty good. Not to smelly today.

We parted in front of the Historic Museum. We had checked this out years ago, so we didn't go in today. We had a good "no cost" day. We didn't buy anything and we had a great time. I love this old building!

We made it home early enough. I checked my fitbit and we walked over 8000 steps. I only need another 1500 steps to get to my 10,000 steps. Don't know if I'll make it, but I may try anyway since I'm so close.

Now, tonight I may get some applique done yet. I would have loved to have been able to get some done while at the beach. Life goes on....Happy Quilting!

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