Saturday, July 25, 2015


Thank you to Pamela Butcher!! You have won my "tail" fabrics of solids. I am also going to send you a gift for being so kind and offering to take the tails. Since Pamela is also a QOV quilter, I'm going to send some scraps to go with her quilts.

Today was a quiet day, and truthfully, I didn't do much work. I did finish up all the thread catchers, and only two of them need some buttons for them. I'll probably do that Monday when I go to moms. I may even stop by the store and pick up some buttons that will work great for a few more. I did get some coupons from Michael's today, and my use them.

I did work on the binding for our QOV quilt. I'll take a photo of it after I'm done. I need to add the photo to my journal of all the QOV projects I'm working on. I love those clips! I didn't think I would, but I do. I don't like having to move them from where I am to the end, but that's nothing compared to me trying to figure out if I have the measuring right.

I may do a few more thread catchers. I need a couple more for friends. Not sure which ones mom will take, but I want to give Donna a couple as well.

Today, is just a quiet day, and an enjoyable day! Katt called today, and we chatted. I loved it! I do miss that gal! Happy Quilting!!

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