Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Double The Fun!

Since I'm a day behind on writing on here, I'm going to get everyone up to date on the past two days.

Yesterday started out with a walk. The sad part about the walk, was that Willie wasn't with us. Ruth had to put Willie down on Monday afternoon. He had a heart attack as well as other issues. He had come in on Monday to the room I was in and laid down. Ruth said that was the first time he moved in over 12 hours. He gave me a sad look, and went back to sleep. That day she said her good bye to him. I cried when I found out. He was a sweetheart!

RIP Willie

Willie has always been fun to walk with, and had to take the brunt of the "earlier" mornings. He was always his fault because he wanted to leave earlier in the morning. lol 

One of the obstacles of our walks 

Ruth had Willie for 13 years, and we have been walking for the past 10 years. Breaks my heart we lost him.

After walking I went to the neighbors and got ready to take him to the eye doctors. He's eye is doing okay and will stay at the level it is. He is blind in the one eye. While I was there at the office waiting, I appliqued on my QOV block. 

I took out the other fabric that I was going to use for the body. It didn't go, so I removed it. Now I'm going to bast one the other fabric for this. I will also baste on the red flower that I'm going to next to the blue one. I need to work on the other eagles before I go to Jennies house next week. 

After the eye appointment, we went to the casino. I came home with some money so I figured that was a good day. Then last night we had a tournament/fun night with our 9 pin no tap league. I was fun, but didn't win anything. Our team came in second so we all were happy. 

Came home and completely forgot to sit down and do my blog! 

Today was walking, running into other neighbors and telling them of the loss of Willie. Art was gone today, so I came home. I seriously didn't feel like doing anything! I did do the laundry and played games. It is just WAY TO HOT to want to do anything!! 

I did go downstairs later in the afternoon and worked on the strips for the 9 patches I'm working on. I DID NOT plug the iron in. I will not heat up this house anymore then it already is. We rarely get this hot in the summer, so I'm die-ing here! The fans are going all day long. I love the cool air downstairs, so was down there earlier. 

Poor Charlie, she's outside the whole time. She won't come in the house. I'm a little concerned about her, as it's so hot and she's not looking her best. But at 17 or 18 years old, I can't worry too much. 

Tomorrow I have to take my car in on a recall. It's not for the air bag, it's for the steering. I must have taken it in 5 times for different recalls. Tempted to buy another car! 

Tonight I will work on getting more basting done so I can have something to work on while they take a couple hours working on my car. I'm not quilting on the quilts with this weather, but I do want to get back to it. Since the one is downstairs, I'll try and get down there to quilt again soon. Still Happy Quilting!

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