Monday, July 20, 2015

First Brazilian Embroidery and Then.......

Today was a blueberry picking morning and then walk. After I was done walking, I headed straight to Walmart (I KNOW!) for some batting on the table mats. I wanted to make a few more to be able to have one the table. I thought mom bought batting, but she bought fleece. I like the feel of it, so I bought 2 1/4 yards for $9. I'm okay with that! No one will know the difference but me. - I know, I hate going to Walmart. I hate shopping there....unless it's before 9 am. They are moving things around, so I added another set of walking steps while trying to figure out where they moved the crafts.

After that trip, I headed to our embroidery group meeting.

I was able to finish the wheat stack on the right. I then started working on the sets on the left. I'm not done, but I had fun working on it. I was helping mom with her stuff as well. This was so relaxing. We have our meeting from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. It was nice to be able to work on this with good friends. We keep getting new members coming in. 

Headed home when I was done. 

I cut up the fleece into the sizes I want for the table mats. Mom brought her table mats that she did after I dropped off some solid color strips. I was amazed at what she did. They were so pretty. She's making a lot of sets to sell at the Feb quilt show in Centralia. I would love to have the ones she just finished! lol 

After I did that, I decided it was time I cleaned up! I had so much stuff out and made a HUGE mess down there. I decided to try and cut some of the scraps I have down there as well. I even cut some of the fabrics that were left over from the place mats I made yesterday - and no, they are not done, I have one done, and putting the binding on the other three. 

I added more squares to my pile. No idea what I want to do with them. If anyone needs any squares, let me know and I'll send them out!

Now I have plenty of room to work on cutting my stuff. The bucket in the middle is the solid colors that still need to be sewing together to make 9 patches. I will be working on those again later this week. I have to take my neighbor to the casino tomorrow. I'd rather be quilting, but I will be a good neighbor. I have way too many scraps. I'm almost thinking of the straps for a set of mats, but then I know me, and scraps are hard for me to do. I have to think about where the fabric goes, and what I'm going to do. I'm not very good at just sewing them together. 

I find myself working on the embroidery work, and thinking of a different way I would to things. It's funny, I almost want to do them my way, being a little backwards to some people.

It's been hot around here again, but today is a nice cool breeze. I'm enjoying the door open with cool air coming through. Charlie finds it cooler out there then coming in here. Don't blame her. Problem is, Cheeto is missing. We haven't seen him in over 3 days, which is very unusual. Poor Scott, he's worried about him. (Neighbor)

We did get bad news today. The group member who got us going in embroidery, and who is a member of my Mt. St. Helen's group has breast cancer. She's very positive and an awesome lady! Prayers are going her way! 

In the meantime, I'll be busy with my many projects! I need to get back to my UFO's and quilting! LOL Will work on it! Will keep being Happy Quilting!!

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