Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happy Birthday, Phillip!

Before I start my blog, I want to wish my son, Phillip, a very Happy Birthday!! He's 30 today!

My little boy is no longer little! lol - I have some cute photos of him when he was little, but will have to load them.

This is Phil and Emily on their wedding day. They've been married a year now. So proud of my boy! Emily is a keeper too.

On to my day. Today I spent the afternoon downstairs. I wanted to get some more 9 patches done.

I added two more colors to my stack. It is coming along, but still have a lot more to go. I did decide not to care how I put the "extra" patches together.

I just took what I had extra of and sewed them together. Not sure if I will keep them. I'm thinking of putting them in a bag and selling them at the quilt show for a donation. I have more to sew together as well.

I even got myself another project!! I can't believe I did, but I did!

I made myself a pattern, then I cut some of my scraps for this project. It's for "thread catchers." I liked the one I saw, and find that I liked it better than the twisted one I have. I want one that stays up, and these do. The twisted ones I made, have that twist in the "bag" and doesn't stay up like it should. My collapses. Drives me nuts.

Some of this is my Australian fabrics that a dear friend, Cynda Miles sent me years ago. I have kept it and decided it's time to make something out of them. I will sew this up tonight and will post the finished project tomorrow.

I'm still working on the mats. I have the fourth mat half bound. When it's finished I will post it under "finished projects 2015." Right now they are not done. I wanted to make another set today, but I decided to do the catchers first. I sew a catcher from Pat Campbell, who teaches the Brazilian Embroidery on Mondays. I figured I'd make a few. I was surprised at how fast I could get these 6 done. It will be fun to do these for TAS next year as they are meeting here in Centralia. Our two groups are in charge of that. Now things are good. I'm still keeping busy. I'm getting more and more done as well. Still not as fast as mom, but I'm amazed at what I have been doing in the time I actually do it. lol  Happy Quilting!!

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