Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Quilt Is Finished, And Ready for a Recipient

I did the usual morning routine. Walking and cribbage.

When I got home, decided I better vacuum and clean up the kitchen a little. I was tired of my "piles." I tend to pile things up on the table and then clean that up when I get the chance. I took the box out to the garage, along with a few garage sale items.

After cleaning, I decided to sit and enjoy a movie that was on. While I was watching the show, I worked on three thread catchers.

I finally got a few buttons on them. I have three more that need buttons, and three more that need to be put together. The yellow one on the right is one I wish I had done the other way. I like the inside better than the outside.

Before going downstairs, I had the binding done on this quilt. It's a QOV quilt. I washed it. It turned out awesome!! I can't wait to see who receives this quilt!

I was surprised today when I went into my facebook account. My dear sweet older brother, Chris, put a really nice comment on the quilts my mother and I make. I didn't think the family really knew what all went into out quilts. lol

I headed downstairs and got back to finishing up the table mats. I'm not quiet there yet, but they are coming along.

I'm almost finished. Need to do the corners and then bind them. I'll try and get some of that done tomorrow. I also need to baste a few more blocks for working on at the Thurston County Fair. I will try and finish up the eagles and work on the Baltimore Liberty block. Not sure if I will get the mats done tomorrow or if I'll be working on the basting for Friday. Depends on what I'm in the mood for.

I was reading a couple other blogs yesterday and laughed! It was funny to find that I wasn't the only one not in the mood to work on much. Each of us did something, but not a lot. Too funny how that worked out.

Garden is growing pretty good, but now the hot weather is back. We hit over 90 degrees again today. Seattle tied the record of most days over 90 degree weather this year. It was recorded in 1958. Now we are going to break that record, because the year isn't over yet. Not looking forward to being inthe fair and cooking! I'll have to take a ton of water.

I wasn't really busy today, but it did seem like it at times. May we all be Happy Quilting!

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