Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Quilt of Valor Meeting

Today I got in a good walk and was able to play cribbage with Art before heading to Donna's. We left around 10 am to go to Ruby Street Quiltworks. They are a great group of women who love to quilt!

They had a meeting first, then show and tell. This is one of the quilts one of the gals finished.

This quilt isn't the right size, but it has the colors of QOV. It was really pretty up front and in person.

Both of these quilts were done by the same person. (Sorry didn't get her name). The gal they belong to had left the room.

This is the raffle quilt that we are raffling off. I have tickets to sell. I'm betting they will go fast too. This is a really pretty quilt.

While we listened to what was going on, I appliqued. I worked on both my QOV blocks. I did get a lot done. More than I expected. We stayed till about 3:30 pm. There were 5 of us that worked on our projects. I loved the quilt that Judy H. was working on. She's also in my Brazilian Embroidery group. It was nice to see people I knew up there. Donna showed the two quilts she got finished. She was working on the binding of one of them. Guess I'm so used to seeing them that I completely spaced taking a photo of it.

This is the second block I'm working on. I took off the feet and replaced them with the brighter yellow. I like the colors.

I bought this fabric (and others) for the eagles. I love having a darker color for the eagles with a pretty lighter brown for the feathers. This works great so far. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.

I bought these three pieces of fabric as well. Sorry, the lighter on is in the back, so it's hard to see.  I'll work on getting a better photo. Those two colors of brown will be awesome for the next eagle. I'm thinking once I get these two done, I will take a break and work on my baskets. Then I'll start on the next one. I know of two other patterns  want to do. The gal at Ruby Street was saying she thought that would be an extra special quilt with the applique. I told her since I grew up in the military, the eagle is special to those in the military and I hope they appreciate my efforts.

I'm still copying the eagle patterns from Jeannie Austin. I need to return them tomorrow, so I better get them done tonight. We will be leaving early and I'm excited to see her again. She's an awesome lady and I know Donna and her will be along greatly. I'm looking forward to this get together. We all will be Happy Quilting!!

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