Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday's Fun!

Today I woke early, and enjoyed my morning playing a few games before Patrick got up. Then I headed downstairs. The best part of this Saturday is that there were really no plans other than going to my parents for supper and games.

I went downstairs

and started back where I left off. I was able to get some 4 patches as well as 9 patches done. I was enjoying myself, and watching "Perry Mason." I could watch all those shows over and over again!

I cut more pieces out. I have these to put together and I have more strips to make. That bucket is slowly getting used up. I took the extra strips over to moms. 

My stack is getting bigger and longer. I still haven't decided what I'm going to do with all these. It will be interesting to see what I finally decide to do. Should be fun. I need to buy some more black fabric. Thinking the black will be awesome with all these colors. Added a few more pieces to the stash. 

I am looking forward to seeing what else comes out of the solid fabrics. I am going to make a set of place mats for my table. Mom was making a few to sell at the Feb., quilt show. I figured they were easy enough, so I'm going to try that for us. OH CRAP....another idea!! Just what I needed. Here we go again!!

We went to my parents for supper today. We played a game and then we cooked the crab that dad caught while fishing in Seattle yesterday. I love having crab! We had a great meal! I even have some extra for crab cakes. 

I brought home some batting to make the place mats with. Yep, I'm crazy! Now I have more things on my plate!! When am I going to learn?! Another one of those days! Lets see where this leads.....Happy Quilting!

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