Monday, July 6, 2015

Start Out Cool....Got Hot!

Today I went to Ruth's and helped her pick blueberries, and then we walked. I got home with about 20 mins to spare.

Headed over to our meeting for Brazilian Embroidery. I decided to start the new piece I have. At leat I'm doing one embroidery project at a time. lol

I like the way the "wheat" is looking. I still have a few more to do on it. Then I have the lighter color to work on the wheat. I'm liking it so far. I may change the flower that is on this one though. It's down near the bottom, so I'm going to work my way down.

We were done around noon, and I came home to pick the blueberries in our yard. Charlie guarded me to make sure nothing was going to attack me.

This bush looks great. I got a few out of this bush.

I've been picking the last few weeks, so that's okay. Had blueberries and strawberries for supper. Dad brought me some beat greens and I had that as well. I really wasn't hungry so it worked out great.

Came in the house and started pulling out Jeannie Austin's eagle patterns. I'm copying as much as I can tonight because this goes back to her on Wednesday. I thought I copied more than I did! Oh, well. While I was working on the copying, mom and dad came over. They brought me some squash and beat greens. I was thrilled. Beat greens were awesome, but dad brought a ton!

I'm still working on my eagles and the 9 patches. I haven't been able to get to them lately, I'm hoping to get back to them soon. It's getting harder to do applique at night because my light is HOT, and I get to sweating too much.

Today started out being cool, and almost chilly. Then by 1 pm it started getting up there in degrees. I'm not sure if we made it to 90 degrees again today, but I do know we broke several records on the heat. We broke the record of most days over 90 degrees, being over 100 degrees the other day (twice), and the driest time of year. Not a pretty record to break.

In the meantime I'm still trying to get quilting stuff done. It is getting there. I'm not quilting on the quilts lately, that would be way too hot. I'm looking forward to going to the Quilts of Valor meeting tomorrow. It's going to be fun with my cousin the next two days! Can't wait!!

Happy Quilting!

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