Friday, August 14, 2015

Awesome Day With Jeannie Austin!!

This morning started out like most weekdays, walking and cribbage. After cribbage, I headed to mom's house for our group meeting.

Mom told the group a couple days ago that the meeting would go till noon and then her and I would have to leave. We were both surprised to see 8 members show up. It was awesome. We worked on our projects.

I worked on the Baltimore Liberty block at moms. I've got most of the stems done. I need to put the stick in the middle firecracker and then one more leaf before putting the star in. Then I have to leave an opening on the points to put another leave that goes over and behind the star.

Mom and I headed over to Mary Ann Wilson's house to visit with both Mary Ann and Jeannie. We had an awesome time. We stayed 2 1/2 hrs. It was so much fun. We talked about the quilts that mom judged, and the quilts Jeannie judged over the last week. They both commented on how quilters haven't been doing the bindings right. Mom said she noticed this year the binding were better, and Jeannie said she noticed they are getting worse. When a quilt is judged, the binding makes or breaks a quilt. Mom also talked about the pretty quilts that were turned into the fair. One of the hand quilted quilts that was there had trapunto. When I heard that, I felt better. No hand quilting can over power a trapunto hand quilted quilt. (Unless they really mess up) So, I'm even happier now that I got a blue ribbon on the Hawaiian and will enjoy getting it.

I showed Jeannie the blocks I'm working on that are her patterns. I showed her this one and she told me to put a couple stitches in the eye to make the bird "real" rather than "stuffed." So I did and agree with her.

I told her I was having trouble getting to the cutting part of the eye on this one. So, she cut the felt and I appliqued it down. Then I did the stitches for the eye, but looking at the phone I may need to do a couple more stitches for it to show better. I will work on the embroidery on the wings while watching TV. Just haven't gotten there yet. It's almost done.

Jeannie let me take photos of her quilts. I am not showing the whole quilt because I didn't ask permission to publish them. I love this eagle - and yes the quilt is between tan and yellow tan, so it's showing more yellow then it needs to in the photo. I have this pattern and thinking of doing this one as well.

I know Patrick has plans for this weekend, but I'm so excited to get to work on more projects! They inspired me!! They were telling me about a Civil War Gals blog that one of the gals here in Centralia/Chehalis are doing. I haven't found it and will send Jeannie a message to find out the name again. Then I'll add it to my list. I did find another quilters blog for Civil War - Civil War Quilter - that I enjoyed reading. I just hope they post more often.

It's exciting to see what others do, and how much help they are! Jeannie and Mary Ann were awesome! We had lunch with them and we talked about how they do quilts, and how they work together. One has one technique and the other another technique. So putting their ideas together they come up with some wonderful quilts! I would love to be at that stage with a friend. Donna is the closest I have to getting there. Happy Quilting!!

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