Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day Started Out Great........

Today I woke at a good time and enjoyed time to myself. Last night I did get two baskets done for the Bountiful Baskets.

After Patrick woke, I headed downstairs to work on my QOV quilt.

I changed the "piano key" border. I like what I did this time. I showed Patrick and he told me I need to add some stars in the corners. So, I'll print out a star that will work and put them in the corners. At first I thought it was an all day project, but when I noticed it was 1:30 pm and I had it done, I felt pretty good about getting it done. I had my moments of "where did I set that border?" I folded up the light fabric and set it aside. Would you believe it took me 10 minutes to find it again?! I couldn't believe it, I kept looking in the ear that I was working. The thought in my mind the heck do you loose something when it should be right here?! I'm looking all over the area that I was working in, I looked on the quilt frame, you name it. Then I moved some fabric, and guess what was under it?! (I looked under it twice!!)

At 2:30 pm we got a call from mom that the ambulance was coming to get dad. We took off and spent the next 6 1/2 hours in the ER with dad. They moved him to a room, and we will go back to see him tomorrow. They really don't know what is up. Decided I would wait till I know what's up before calling everyone. I can't answer the questions, and dad told me not to call the family. Once I know what's up, I'll tell the family.

So, tomorrow will be a wait and see. Happy Quilting!

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