Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Quilts of Valor Meeting Day

Took a walk with Ruth this morning. We have been getting our 10,000 steps in lately. I should have called her when I got home but forgot. :-)

Last night I worked on my Brazilian Embroidery.

I finished up the leaves last night. I added the stem and found that to be a little harder than expected. There was a lot to go through. I do love the look of this. The acorns are the circle and I'm going to do that last. I need to practice that one before I do it.

After walking I did play cribbage and skunked Art twice. He won the last game. He was saying he couldn't find the Irish Breakfast Tea that I got for him a while back. I told him I'd pick it up when I go to my meeting.

Headed out to Ruby Street Quiltworks for our Quilts of Valor meeting. Donna was working so I went on my own. I brought back a quilt that Donna had quilted. I also picked up some fabric. I got these two panels and some eagle fabric. The fabric has eagles on it. I really liked it, and had to buy some.

Got home and went downstairs to add a few more 9 patches to my stack. It was funny, Patrick came home early and asked me if I was using up all my solid fabrics. Told him no, I just used one of the two boxes full of solids. He thought I was nuts because I always need solids. I just laughed and said, "trust me, I have plenty."

I'm down to this stack to sew up. Will try and do that tomorrow.

I did start cutting that stack I had. It didn't get very far, since Patrick got home and I needed to get moving on grilling supper. I have more 4 patches for the QOV and will see what I can do with that. I might use them for the panels. I'm thinking of a lot of designs.

I was thinking I will go downstairs and check a couple of my books for what I can do for the 9 patches. I did one quilt years ago that I still like even now. I don't think I want to do another one, but I might. I'll go see what I can find in a couple of my books. I usually don't have books that use 9 patches because those were never quilts I cared for. I always thought they were too plain. Now, I don't know.

I did work on one of the eagles today. All the leaves are basted on and ready to be done. Once that is done, the block is done. It will be nice to have it done so I can move on to some of my stuff and see what I can get done.

The weather is getting cooler, and I'm comfortable. I probably won't be able to quilt on the two quilts up here till it gets a lot cooler. In the meantime I can quilt on the quilt downstairs, and will try to get an hour in a day for the rest of the week. Wish me luck....every time I think about it, I tend to think of something else that needs done first.....that's not getting that quilt done! Plus I have that quilt I basted, re-basted because I didn't do a good job. I have another quilt that I want to get quilting on as well, so I need to get moving!

Now I can relax this week. No more meetings, no more visiting, and no more worrying about getting anywhere. I can just relax and work on my projects!! WOO HOO!  May we all be so lucky!! Happy Quilting!

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