Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Fun!

Got up early today. Went to the casino - yep, back to doing that weekly - didn't come home with any money. haha

I had a great chitter chat with Katt. She went to the Lewiston, ID parade.

WSU Butch & Coke Bear
High Five!
Honoring Military
Coke Bear & ?
Not sure who she's with there. I love the outfit!! She said it was 2 hours of sweating and getting her photo taken every 2 minutes. Plus the usual bumping into people who like to punch and be a pain! That's my girl!!

I worked on my Bountiful Basket block last night. I finally finished up block #17.

I must have 1,000 french knots!! It took me all night last night and this afternoon to finish up the knots. I do like the way it came out. I'm happy with it. Even Patrick was impressed. I need a better photo, but will use this for now.

I picked out fabrics for a couple more and will work on them tonight. I STILL need to get a star pattern to put on the quilt top I did for QOV. I may work on that tomorrow.

Tomatoes are getting red. Have more than I can eat, and told my son to get over here to get them.

Katt sent this to me. This was in Lewiston looking over to Clarkston, WA. She's having a lot of smoke from all the fires in WA and ID. I'm sure some smoke is from OR as well.

After she sent me her photo, I noticed we are getting to be like that as well. The sky is all smoke! Nothing but gray with the sun trying to get through. 

No clouds or blue sky. It's just smokey!

Patrick is talking to his mom, and she's telling him about the quilt his Uncle received from QOV. He's telling her she needs to let him use the quilt. She was saying he might bleed on it. Patrick told her it's his "honor" quilt and he's to use it, not put it on the wall. He may not live long and we can even bury him with it! (Don't think she liked that remark) I understand keeping it nice, but at the same time, we give the quilts to the military veterans as a thank you! They are to be wrapped around them and loved. 

Wondering if the sky will continue to smell like smoke and be hard to see the sky. Not a good year for fires. We can hope it gets better. 

Visited dad today at their place. Mom and dad look great and are in a good mood. They are dealing with what is going on. Dad's strength is gone, but it's because of his condition. We should know this week if surgery will be on the list. Dad's joking around, so things are good. 

I'm happy to say, this year has been a good year for crafts. As for life in general, I could have a better one, but thankful it hasn't hit rock bottom yet. We can get hit at the knees and come back up. As long as I don't get hit in the knees and then flat on my face, things will always be good. Life goes in swings. I'm still swinging! haha  That makes it Happy Quilting!!

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