Sunday, August 2, 2015

Still Hot, and I'm Still Working on Quilting....

Today I slept in. I slept downstairs again last night. I had the fan going on down there and it was comfortable compared to up here.

Cooked the cinnamon rolls, and was a little disappointed because they had actually over rose and "caved." We went grocery shopping. Got that out of the way. Came home and I sat watching an old war movie with Patrick. It was a really good one about a submarine. I loved the actors in the show. I just can't remember the name, sorry.

I started and worked on this Bountiful Baskets block. It looks better than this photo! I really need to work on getting butter close up photos from the tablet. I usually do good with the tablet but not today. 

Then I started on this one. I'm not sure what basket number it is. I do have the book downstairs. 

Speaking of book, this is the second one with all the patterns. I pretty much filled the first book up real good.  I printed out the new patterns for this month, and got them ready to go in the second book. I also added the background fabric to the pages of the new patterns. I would like to get more of the first book done first before heading to the second one. 

I like the new blocks. I can't wait to get there. 

While I spent my time downstairs, I marked the butterfly quilt so I can put the "trellis" on it. I'm not sure when I will start, but I know I need to get it done. So, I'm going to try and do the applique on it. I really need to finish that one up. I also took the strips and sewed them up. This is my pile to cut them and have them ready. I was thinking of a lot of different designs I could use for the 9 patches. I'll have to think about what I really want, but I'm having fun getting them done. I did count 7 more strips to make. I may get an idea yet!! 

I've been enjoying my time downstairs. I've been getting a lot done and enjoying the steps to get there. Patrick had some water issues that I had to know about. Being secretary of the community water, so things come up and I'm tight with the money! lol 

To my readers, I wish you all the best! I also hope your having an awesome day and are Happy Quilting!!

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