Friday, August 7, 2015

Two Days of Garage Sale Stuff...

The last two days, I've been working on garage stuff. Yesterday was getting stuff ready for garage sale. The usual of cleaning and marking prices. My folks dropped of boxes of stuff. Patrick went through the boxes. Then I took the others down to the neighbors and I marked the prices.

This morning bright and early I went down to Ruths and started setting up. We had the two tables we borrowed from Phil. He had his motorcycle out there. That was bring a lot of lookers, and it was fun to see motorcycle riders take a double look and come back to check it out.

It was amazing to see the "junk" go today. I thought that would be left behind, but nope, they bought it. The stuff I expected to sell, didn't sell. We decided to go ahead and sell again tomorrow morning and quit at 2 pm. If we good a good amount sold in the morning, then I may decide to quit early.

I haven't had a chance to do any quilt related stuff for the past two days. I do miss it! I can't wait till tomorrow and try to get some stuff done.

I hope everyone is having fun and Happy Quilting!

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