Monday, August 3, 2015

Week Is Starting To Slow Down

This week isn't as busy as last. It's starting to slow down. Today we picked berries and then walked. After that, I came home and tried to collect everything for the meeting.

I went to our Brazilian Embroidery meeting/class. We had a good time. We were supposed to come up with a name for our group, but that didn't seem to come out yet. We did add another two names to the list already out there. Hopefully next meeting we can get a name for our group. It's interesting  to see how we are getting other members from Olympia and Longview/Kelso areas. It looks like there are more people close that have been waiting for a group in this area.

I worked on the wheat and the leaves. I like the way my leaves came out today. The instructions were to do the satin stitch from the bottom of the leave to the top. I found it easier to do them from the top to the bottom.

I will work on the leaves now. The instructions are "weird" to me. It goes down the design, so on the #3 step, it tells one to do it "last." If I was doing instructions, I would do them in the order they needed to be worked, not in the order of the design. But hey, that's me. I laughed and moved to #4. That is the leaves. I'm loving the colors so far.

When I got home, I had one phone call after another. There is so much going on this month. I'm trying to get my TAS groups to help out at the fair. So, I was finding out what needed to be done and when we needed to be there. Now that I have all that, I'm taking down who's working when.

After about 3 different phone calls, I called Ruth and asked her to go for a walk. We walked. Then came home to the phone ringing. I was out hanging towels on the line and heard the phone ring. Even talked to mom about 4 times today. Once Patrick got home, I was happy to see no more phone calls! I worked on the baskets again last night. I ended up taking out what I put in because of the thread sticking out on the back. No clue how I did it, but I ended up taking it out anyway.

Tomorrow is QOV, and I'll be Happy Quilting!

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