Monday, November 16, 2015

Applique Class Over...Went Well

Today I was so tired I didn't want to get up! I took a Zertex because of my allergies, but that was last night. I read for a little bit and sleep pretty good. I finally got up and was a little behind in meeting Ruth.

I then came home, got stuff ready, and headed to the Beginner Applique class that mom and I were teaching (actually mostly me). I talked with mom last night, and we decided what I would do till she got there. I showed everyone how to do the freezer paper method of needle turn. I did have one gal drop, but the rest showed up. They enjoyed today better. I was surprised to find half liked the freezer paper and half liked the back basting. Today went really well. They were going along pretty good. Even one of the gals was a lot faster than the others. She was doing the method of needle turn with the applique piece on top. I do applique with the applique piece on the bottom. I was so surprised at how well she caught on and took off. So, over all, today was a great day! Just wish the other gal would have showed up just to see the difference.

I came home and had Charlie in my lap. I was nodding off, so I took a quick 10-15 mins nap. Funny thing is, I'm still tired. I am one of those that doesn't do naps, but today was another story! At least it clear out my sinus'.

I finished around the leaf. I'm going to work on the center stem and then it will be ready to baste and quilt. I'll be gone most of the day tomorrow, so thinking it will be in the evening or Wednesday after our meeting. I'm happy with the way this is going. I would like to get moving on a couple more things, but I really want to finish this up first.

I bought the 6 1/2" ruler to be able to trim all those blocks. I asked about the paper for 6" half triangles, and she didn't have it. She's going to check when she places another order. I'm going to double check on line to see if they do have it. I ordered Kathy McNeil's color pens. I'm ready to try that out. It cost me an extra $9 between shipping and tax. Pits when I leave in the same state she does! :-)

Enjoying the day, and looking forward to get another project done. When that happens, I'll be more than just Happy Quilting!

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