Friday, November 6, 2015

Enjoyable Day With Friends!

I was up early and headed out to moms earlier than usual. I was surprised to find myself the first one there. Got to enjoy a few minutes with my parents before the others arrived.

I was able to get a LOT done today. I listened and appliqued on the Oak Leave quilt. They had potatoes for lunch and I made a salad, since I can't have potatoes. I was told it's not the potatoes but whats on them. In my case, it's the potatoes. Most people don't understand that. If they were in my shoes they would.

By the way....still haven't found that ham!

After our meeting at mom's I got a text from Donna saying she was working on her quilts today. I stopped at her place and spend another 2 hours of enjoyment with her. We chatted and worked on our project - mine being the Oak Leave quilt. She was sewing on her machine and just about finished the quilt top she was working on. I showed her my blocks on the wall, and she gave me a good idea. Put applique or embroidery in the blocks between. I think that is what I'm going to do.

I have more applique work on the upper part, but it's still working out great. I'm getting there. Will need some black batting for the middle. Good thing I have the backing fabric and can get moving on quilting it. I'm not there yet, but should be before too long. I have two more weeks to get this don.

I brought home moms quilt and I'm washing it. I will take a photo of it once it's washed. She is letting the center where she lives to use it over the holidays.

Lots got done, and I enjoyed the day! It's was one of my better days. I didn't get to play on the computer (good thing) and I got more done then usual. I'm enjoying being Happy Quilting!

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