Sunday, November 22, 2015

Looking Forward To This Week......

This morning after breakfast, we headed to Safeway to get our supplies for Thanksgiving. We went around 10:30 am and was surprised at how busy they were. Thought a lot would be at Church, but guessing Church let out and they were there. We didn't take that long so not complaining. We picked up what we didn't have.

When we got home, I started cooking the pumpkin Patrick got for me after Halloween.

After they were cooked, I'd peal them. This was the first batch. I had a big pumpkin and Patrick cut it into about 8 pieces. I cooked 6 of them, and have 2 more to go. I will do that tomorrow afternoon. I have a new recipe for pumpkin pie which Patrick wants me to try. It has eggnog in it. Should be interesting. Will see if it's good or not. lol

While I was cooking the pumpkin I was playing with the puzzle.

Not the best picture in the world, but one gets the idea. I was putting the center part together. I was surprised at how well it was going together. I can do this one if it keeps staying this easy....doubt it.

I did say I would post the plants Patrick brought home for our Anniversary. I love the plants. They are on the coffee table.

Good news, I finally started quilting on the Oak Leave quilt. I have the acorn done and working my way around. I started it last night, and was able to put in about a half hour today. I'll try to get more time in. I end to find other things to do. Who knows.

The good news is Brazilian embroidery is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it. I haven't been to a meeting in awhile. I haven't done anything with the embroidery since the last time I went to the meeting. Sounds like there will be at least 5 of us tomorrow so that's good news.

Mom took her red work with her to Vegas. She had a lot of it done before she left too. I was surprised she decided to do the red work. She told me a long time ago, she only wanted to quilt, she didn't want to do any more knitting, crocheting, or embroidery because it took up her quilting time. Now she's back to doing embroidery! lol

We will be bowling tonight. Wednesday we won't be bowling, and then we are back to bowling on Sunday. Hope I have a better day today then I did Wednesday. Looking forward to bowling!

I'm back to quilting on the Oak Leaf and keep moving a little at a time....Happy Quilting!

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