Thursday, November 12, 2015

Meeting Day At Whalen Quilt Works

This morning started out with a good walk. We got in a quick walk and then came home to get ready to head to moms and then the meeting.

Yesterday when we walked, a Rainbow showed up. It was the full rainbow at that!

I was so surprised at how we were able to see the whole thing. It was really pretty! And it was sprinkling all the way home.

Went to moms to take pictures of her quilt. She wanted to have some photos of her and her quilt.

It turned out awesome!

This is mom - Shirley Taylor - with her most recent quilt.

Some close up photos.

This is the quilt that mom had stripped in green, didn't like the color, after she quilted it about 1/4 of the way. She then took out all her quilting stitches, the green strips and then redid the sashing in red. Once that was done, she started quilting it.

She signed it, "My Baltimore Album 2015."

After leaving her to her appointment, I headed over to the quilt shop for our meeting. Had a pretty good time. I purchased the black batting so I could finish the Oak Leave quilt. I still have the corner to finish up. Then I'll put it together to get the quilting going on it. I have till the 23rd to get it finished and ready to go to my Aunt.

I decided I needed something else to keep me busy as well. So, I put the other puzzle away that I was going to do. Then I went and pulled this on out. I started it before bowling last night. Haven't touched it today. I've got Charlie in my arm right now, because she's dying to get to my lap. Trying to get her to wait, but it gets hard to work around her.

I brought my block back from the group. It was the rose block. I asked Kathy W what she thought and we both agreed I needed to add some more embroidery on the flower. After that, it will be done. I'm okay with that. I'll work on it this weekend so I can take it back on Monday when the last class for applique is done. I've learned a lot over this class.

I'm still working on the Oak Leaf and Acorn quilt and it really is getting done. I'll have a good day tomorrow to be Happy Quilting!

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