Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rain, Rain, and More Rain on QOV Day!

Today I was up early and got all my stuff together for the two meetings I had to go to.

The first meeting was the QOV meeting in Lacey, WA. I drove up by myself today because I had to leave early to get back for our TAS annual meeting committee. I made it to our QOV meeting and added the top part of the wing of the eagle I'm working on. I haven't finished the right side wing, so couldn't add that top wing. I bought some of the fabric that goes on Acorn quilt that I forgot to buy when I bought the front fabric.

Next meeting was the committee meeting for the annual meeting of TAS. We had a good meeting and I need to get information out to the board and newsletter. Stayed around moms and put the needles in the kit for the Beginning Applique class that I'm going to do on Monday. I then took it over to the shop and was shocked to see the class was full. I have 7 students. We don't have any more kits, so mom and I will do another pattern for another class in February. We'll talk about the design and see what we can come up with. Then we will work with Rita to get the class scheduled.

I've gotten more done on the Acorn quilt. It' coming along great. A couple people have asked me to do another class on this type of applique, so I'm working with Rita to get another design and I'll do another quilt for her. I like working on these because they are quick and easy. Plus it will help Rita out at her shop. Guess Nancy has been telling the groups she's in how good I was as a teacher. I had a few people come up to me and ask when I would have another class because they want to take it. I'm thrilled to see others liking my work. I never thought of my work as being anything that special. It helps once in a while to hear how they like what I do.

Life is good, I'm happy and busy. It make it all Happy Quilting!

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