Sunday, January 3, 2016

Enjoying a Day at Home!

Today was a quiet day. Got up and made homemade blueberry muffins. They turned out really good. A little smaller than I thought they would be but then I tried a new recipe. New to me that is. It was out of my "National Grange" cookbook. I've had that book since before we were married. I love the recipes and have not used the book in a very long time. I had fun going through the recipes and seeing notes like, "tried 8/10/84 - really good," "tried 2/15/99 - not so good." I forgot about some of those recipes! I'll have to put them in my book and start using them again.

When I looked out this morning I saw this bird just sitting there waiting for the food to thaw. I felt sorry for her. I was afraid she might die if she didn't get to her food. So, I quickly made some food. Then I tried to take some food out to her - she let me get really close before she flew away. I then took the feeder and brought it back in the house. Washed the feeder and added more food for her. That seemed to work because she came back and ate. She's been coming to the feeder all day. The other birds have eaten up what Patrick put out there for them. This cold weather is not helping the birds that have stayed. It was snowing when I took this picture.

After that..well I decided to mark my basket block and get some of the embroidery done on it. It is block #11, which I needed to go next anyway. Pulled out the light box and marked it so I could embroiderer it.

I took a break at this point. I need to finish it up. I thought I would work on my cross stitch for a little bit to break up the "stem stitching."

I put in a few stitches on this last night and this afternoon. It's coming along and getting to be going a little faster now that I fixed a couple mistakes. I'm thinking that was why I didn't keep working on it.

Took a another break and went back to working on the block.

It was getting close to time to eat. I decided I wanted to go downstairs and sew a few blocks together before we eat.

Which I did. It was so COLD down there!! I lasted about 20 minutes and then came back up. I did get three sets of two half square triangles done. I cut them and will work on them tomorrow or Tuesday. Depends on time and getting that room heated up! Might be Tuesday because Brazilian embroidery is tomorrow. I need to make a couple more half square triangles. I also need to change the thread for sewing the blocks together. These were done with my black thread because I was sewing with black. I'll change the thread and then I can get moving on this quilt.

We won't be bowling tonight. We have a lot of people in this area that "freak" out when it comes to snow. Plus this league has mostly older members. Don't know what we will do to make up for it. Should be interesting! OH! I forgot to tell the story of the New Years bowling we did. It was so loud and busy! Anyway, this family of 4 comes in. A girl about 6-8 years old and a baby brother or sister with parents. I kept seeing the flash go off when we were bowling and wanted to see where it was coming from. This girl (again 6-8 years old) was posing with the camera! She was doing different "selfies" of herself with different facial poses, moving her body just so, "click," making faces, "click." Then her dad took the camera and he started getting her while she was bowling. She posed with the ball - the whole nine yards! I can just see that little girl in about 10 years! She's going to be kissing herself in the mirror! She's also going to be posing in front of the mirror to see if she looks good. Hahaha I can image her with her phone in her face taking photos to post on line!

Okay, I'm still enjoying the day. Did about 3 loads of laundry - one of which I need to put in the dryer. Life is good. Everyone is fine. I've been enjoying posting my photos to Instagram. Found a few quilters with really pretty quilts! Another addition! This week is quiet with the exception of Brazilian Embroidery and quilting. Happy Quilting!

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