Friday, January 29, 2016

Need Good News....Tired of Bad News.

Today I enjoyed being able to decide what I want to do and do it. I got up and went over to Donna's to get some blue to make that pillowcase. Then I went to the post office and the bank. I came on back home. I did that all in about an hour. It was nice to see I could go and get back in a good time.

I then pulled out the cookie dough and made cookies.

They turned out awesome! Even Patrick liked them. I must have made 10 dozen! So, I'm going to freeze some. It will be nice to have cookies in the freezer and when I get in the mood, I can go and get them out of the freezer (one at a time!). I think Patrick already ate a good dozen, so may not have as many to put in the freezer as I thought I would.

After that I ended up calling my insurance company about my "procedure" I had to do on the 8th. Come to find out, Patrick's work changed the insurance on us and we now have a deductible. We never did before. Got it all straightened out. Come to find out, the City changed the rules.

Talked to Rose today. She took her cat into the vets yesterday. She found that her cat has some "cists" (spelling) and need to take pills for another ailment. She decided not to spend the money on her cat since she already 12 years old. I agree with her...but then it's not my cat. We chatted and I told her about Charlie and how we let life take it's course, but then Charlie was 20 years old.

I worked on the binding.

I realized when I took this photo it was the beginning of the binding and not where I am on it. No worries, one gets the idea. I'm about half way done. I worked on it all afternoon. I had to take a few stitches out because I was stitching all the way through. I made sure I didn't keep doing that!

I can't wait to get back to adding more stitches on this. I want to get my next cross stitch project in the mail and get going on it! I'm actually excited about working on the next project. I'm getting inspired when I check out Instagram! I've even got inspiration on the quilts. I asked mom to find out what it might cost me to have one of my quilts quilted by a machine quilter. Kathleen Ament is really good. I have a quilt that I did years ago at Nancy Chong and Margaret Miller's retreat.

When Patrick got home we went to McMenamins to a movie and dinner. We had a good time. I thought the movie was better than expected. We got home to a message from mom asking me to call her.

She told me a very dear old friend, Jana Freeman, was in the hospital in Canada under a coma. She's been that way for 21 days. Her family is going up there next week. It would be sooner but they had to get their passports renewed. They were told to get up there because it doesn't look good and she may not make it. She is my age. We were good friends in school and I have been keeping in contact with her through Facebook. This is two days in a row! Mom called me yesterday to tell me a very dear family friend, "Chaplin" Rodgers passed away in Dec. They had just found out. He was 92 years old. We were stationed with him in Japan and when we got to Ft. Meade, Md. I had been in contact with him since we left. He took me in when I needed a place to go for National Bowling. That was over 30 years ago. He called his wife "Rabbit." I can't remember why but everyone knew her as "Rabbit." I told Patrick I didn't want to talk to mom anymore - getting tired of bad news. I've been emotional all day and then to get one more thing on top another! --- UGH

I will continue to do what I do best, play games and craft! I may want to hide for a few days! Oh, crap, that won't happen, tomorrow is Saturday! ........Happy Quilting!

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