Monday, January 4, 2016

Not My Day For Piecing!

This morning we woke to more snow. It was nice to see the snow. I love snow! I've been bringing the hummingbird feeder in at night and putting it back out in the morning.

I had about an hour to myself this morning before heading to our Brazilian embroidery group. We had a small group. It was our New Year's brunch to enjoy everyone's work. We only had 7 of us show up, three couldn't make it in today.

I started to work on this piece. It's a simple one that will go quick. I decided to wait before I start one of the other ones I have. Some easy in-between bigger projects.  I need to see if I can find the pattern instructions or photo so I know what it will look like. I'm not too worried about it.

Came home after shopping. Saved $5.75 on the coupons from Ibotta app. I decided to put the light box away, since I wasn't ready to work on anything else.

It shows how I tend to take over more than just downstairs when I want to do something! I had this on the table with the book of patterns for the basket blocks. I even went through the book and pulled out two blocks that I can work on when I'm done with the block (#19 not #11). I also have one that I used the backing on, and it's ready to be appliqued down. Not sure if I will do that tonight or tomorrow.

This is that block.

I went downstairs and worked on my blocks - this looks pink now as I look at it. It's not pink but off white. Amazing what bright colors can do to a photo.

I was able to get three of the blocks sewn together. I must have ripped out more than I put in. This block has to be ripped out on the right side. The points don't line up (not even close). I usually just let it go, but this is one I can fix. I must have done two of the three blocks about five times each! I ripped out the triangles on one because I sewed them on wrong. I ended up taking out three of the middle sections because I had the black on wrong.....I can go on. After two hours of sewing and ripping, I decided I was done for today. Funny how every time I WANT to do sewing - and look forward to doesn't work out. So, I'll see how tomorrow goes and try again. I need to trim some of the 9 patches as well. I put a couple on that where not trimmed and I had to adjust. Now I remember why I do not like to sew! AND I now remember why I like applique over least with applique, I know what I did wrong but most people won't be able to figure it out.

I can understand why we didn't bowl last night. It's been a couple days of snow - not enough snow to make a big difference though. Probably be the last time we get it for awhile.

I did get more done on the cross stitch. I may work on it tomorrow as well. Not sure what I will do.

When I say "squirrel" it's because the dogs see a squirrel and they are off running - me, I see another idea or project and I'm off running! I need to keep my mind and eye sight on what I'm doing and get them done! That includes Phil's quilt!

I'm still working on family history. Check out Civil War Quilts! I enjoy the history behind so many quilts and hope i a hundred years one of my quilts is still around to a treasured. We can hope! I've even been thinking of doing a civil war style quilt one of these days!

All's well that ends well....Happy Quilting!

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