Saturday, January 2, 2016

The "Squirrel" is BACK! Another Saturday of Fun!

This morning I was up early again. Got on the computer looking for linen for another BIG cross stitch to do next. It's "Nantucket Rose" by Lavendar & Lace. I went through my patterns and decided I want to do that one nice....and I'm not even done with this one! Linen is expensive. I did find one I like and I'll probably order it this month.

While I was on the computer, Patrick was getting up. He usually sleeps in but a woodpecker was hitting the drain pipe by the bedroom. So the poor guy had to get up. He decided he wanted to go to the casino again today. We had a short trip to the casino - money went fast - and then we went grocery shopping. We didn't spend as much as we usually do. I was surprised. It was a quick trip and then we were home.

We had more frost this morning.

We got home, unloaded the groceries and Patrick went outside. While he worked out there, I worked on this cross stitch again. I got a lot done on the flower. There are a lot of little pieces that take a little more work. I've been getting more done then I thought I would. I worked on it for about an hour and a half. Not bad.

For about 20 minutes before I started writing this, I was looking for one of my basket blocks. I thought I might do a little more applique and try to get a block done. I looked in the place where all my blocks are kept. I looked in my bag that I take with me when I go to meetings. I looked at the other applique blocks I'm working on....I looked everywhere...including the basket I have next to my chair.......

I sat down to work on this, thinking I'll just have to look a little later and see where I put it. Patrick asked what I was looking for. Told him a block. Came into the room with another block. He asked, "Find it?" "No." I pull the computer on my lap, look down at my basket and see some fabric in the ziplock bag I have in my basket. That has my threads - and yes, I looked in there! So, I pull the bag out and said, "Oh, crap." Patrick looks over and asked, "What?" "Found it." He just laughed at me. So, I wasted 20 minutes looking for a block that was right there.

Sun going down and I'm feeling good about today. I got stuff done. I'm still working on more. I'm thinking of working on the baskets again. I'm thinking of trying to finish another project or two this year. I need to keep moving in a positive way. It should work out great! Still need to pull Phil's quilt back on and get that done. Mom asked about it I said, "SQUIRREL!" That's okay, I'm going to finish more this year! I'm planning on it!

I didn't get the scholarship for the membership I have for Brazilian embroidery. Long name and will link it after they fix the website. Funny part is, Sandy in our group got it and she signed up when there were only 9 of us out of 10. Random draw.....never been that lucky! We meet again on Monday, so will start another project for that.

Moving along slowly..even if I'm just thinking it....I'm Happy Quilting!

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