Tuesday, June 21, 2016

An Awesome Quiet Day!

We did our usual walking. I don't know how, but we ended up with 2.75 miles this time. Usually it's 2.5. That's okay, I needed that added to my "extra" walking time.

Got home and just relaxed...and relaxed....and relaxed. Didn't really do much of anything. I did work on Ancestry and sent a ton of emails to possible family matches through DNA. I also worked on MTurk for some more money to Amazon.

I did buy the cross templates and Mylar. I'll be doing those when they come in. It will be nice to use up some of my scraps that way. I am looking forward to getting them. I just hope the Mylar really works when ironing them. I guess I'll find out. I saw  couple more templates that I thought about, but will see if these work first. If they do, who knows, I may buy that set too.

I worked on my cross stitch this afternoon. I was happy to get as much done as I did. I need to get a few more stitches filled in before I can roll it again. I do love the way it's coming out and I can't wait for the outline stitches to go in.

Picked blueberries before we left for bowling. We were ahead by 3 games, but after tonight we will only be ahead by 1. We were bowling a team that had 364 handicap. So, it was hard when we only had 54.

Our apples are looking good. Getting ready to be picked.

As I said before, it was a very quiet day. I enjoyed every minute of it! I'm feeling a little more normal then usual. lol

Tomorrow is a Dr's appointment so I will definitely be Happy Quilting!


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