Friday, June 17, 2016

Day 5 At BDEIG Seminar

Today was another early morning with classes. I was nuts when I scheduled 2 class for today. The others had the afternoon off and went to Fabric Depot. Good thing I had classes or I'd have bought more fabric.

My first class was with Debbie Goff. We worked on stumpwork. I had fun. But it wasn't a good starting day for me. I seemed to have stuff missing from what  needed. I managed without it anway. We used wires for the fish fins. Had a blast working on those. When i get home I'll post more photos when I get home.

After lunch I ten went to Rosalie Wakefields class "Ruth's Farewell." We worked on the detached buttonhole stitch. Got a few stitches done. Wasn't able to get more done, but instructions are awesome.

Tomorrow's day is a smal class and then relax. We head home on Sunday morning. It will be good to get home.

Keep up and stay (for me) Happy Quilting!

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